Counter Argument For Womens Rights Essay Research

Counter Argument For Womens Rights Essay, Research Paper

Women Rights

For the last thirty years or so, women have made a mockery of the right to vote. The day the weaker gender was granted a say in local, state or national affairs was the day men lost control of the country in a moment of weakness. However, they gave up more than the right to vote; they gave women equality when it wasn’t theirs to receive. Equality meant that women should have the same opportunities and chances as the male counterparts when equality was the last thing they had the ability to achieve without proving that they were not equal. Women should be back in the home where they can maintain the house, raising the children and preparing the meals for the man; the man who runs the house and earns his money, only to spend it on his beloved family. However when this peaceful plan of a happy Utopia is thrown off by a selfish act of independence, everything else crumbles along with it. Women should not have the right to vote and that right should be revoked.

Imagine this: the early 1940’s, where retro was all there was and men were dominant in the work force by an incredible margin. Dad would go out to his office, haggle with other business types and spend his day in a chaotic spree of deadlines and meetings. Mom would just stay home and let her spouse work and pay the bills. All he asked in return was for her patience and love, nothing else. She was granted the pleasure of staying home and waiting for the children to come home so they don’t sit in front of the television all day and rot their minds. They would spend the afternoon together, and when Daddy finally comes home from a long day at the office, sit down and have a family meal. Unfortunately the woman somewhere along the line felt the urge to upset this perfect balance of the way things were. She wanted to somehow be independent and was willing to destroy society’s way of life to do it. Nothing would stop her and to the dismay of important voters, nothing did.

In addition to the ruining of the household, the female gender was prompted to remove the man from the work force and humiliate him by putting him in a position where all he had was the duty of a woman. The right to vote was something taken too far by those who would abuse the privilege bestowed upon them. By going out into the work field, women took away jobs those men would use, and in doing so robbed them of their pride. Men were left to be accountable for the women because they themselves, once replaced by the woman, found it difficult to obtain and maintain jobs because they were being taken much faster than people were accustomed to. As a result of this so called independence, the unemployment rates for men had raised and the women had made what was a ripple on the surface turn into a tsunami, annihilating everything opposing it in its path.

Some may say that Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott who held the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848 are excellent role models. They believed in change and worked for the achievement of their goals, willing to sacrifice everything for the chance of success. Those who believe them to be heroes would also have to acknowledge Fidel Castro, Che Rivera, Mao Tse Tun, Mikhail Gorbachov, Stalin, Lenin and various other leaders of their day who believed in the causes they fought for. What women revolting meant was similar to the men previously listed in the sense that this was an appeal to something that was not wrong and did not need opposition. These men as well as women caused more problems than solutions in the process of seizing victory over the forces they sought to conquer.

Instead of being given the right to be equal the woman has rendered our society helpless to those who would abuse the rights given to them. With the Utopia now destroyed and the balance being tipped in the favor of women, their right to vote should be revoked to establish the being of the return to how things once were and never should have strayed from. Women should not have the same opportunities as men and should leave the working, voting, government and taxes to the males.


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