Alternate Ending To Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Act 5 Scene 3 Line 122 Begin.

[Romeo gives Juliet one last sweet kiss and brings the poison to his lips]


Halt! Romeo! Do not kill thyself. For thou am alive.


Alive? Fair Juliet lives? O thank the lord!

Thou is an angel in life and in death.


O dear love, thou are here; yet exiled? How can this feat be?


Not even the plague could keep me from seeing Thy wondrous face one last

time. The message of Thy death was one that killed me. But to know that thee

are alive, the death of thy soul has been lifted.

[enter Friar Laurence]

Friar Laurence

O thank the heavens. I feared death for thee. But look at the time. Haste must

be made, both houses of Capulet and Montague come hitherAnd joining them

will be the Prince soon enough. Please go now, while the have the chance. If

thou stay, only the heavens know the consequences.


Dear Friar you have given me death yet you have given me a new life. I hope

that our paths shall cross under better days. You will never know how grateful

thou am, for without Thy help thou could’ve married thee vile Paris and…

[enter Capulet and Montague]


And so you shall, daughter Juliet, thou has mistaken me for a fool. With power

and money, you get information, most helpful in difficult situations.


But how dear father? How did you discover thy plans?


While making up Thy bedsheets from Thy chamber, one of the servants found

this glass bottle. The foolish servant thought that it was a treat that thou had

consumed and drank the last drop that was left. Thy potion, drank in a smaller

dosage, revealed all of the features that thee had; the servant had woken up and

we had discoverd thy secret. All of the people of Thy house were questioned

later with the aid of the treasurer. Finally, thy Nurse confessed, and everyone

was notified to not bother with the Capulet vault.


But Paris? Did he not know of the happenings? Have thee discovered the body

of thee late Paris.


Paris?! Has thee killed Paris? If thee has, thou shall pay.


Another? Why shall another die for thee mistakes that thou has made? It is the

last. Thou poor mother had died of a broken heart because of the banishment of

thee. Is that enough for thou? Is the taste for blood so strong that the thirst is

not quenched until it has drank Montague blood? For my love, my wife, my

dream; it has all died because of thou ignorance? Thou is not my son any

longer. Thou is not worthy of thee Montague name.


But father, I am Romeo, how could…..


Thou has had a son by the name of Romeo, but the Maiden of Hell has

enchanted him and taken his caring soul and created a monster.


I beg thy pardon, dear sir. The only enchanting that has been done here is the

ecnchanting dream the Romeo has bestowed upon me with thy marriage.

Capulet and Montague

A Montague married to a Capulet?

Friar Laurence

That is correct. Thou also has married thee young couple to an eternity of

misery for the rest of thy lives.

[enter Prince]


Romeo, thy exiled fool. Did the have a death wish? Thou knew the

consequencesyet has returned. You shall pay for thy idiocy, with thy life.

Watchman, make the imbecile reap what he has grown with his actions and


[Watchman pulls back bow and fires. But, Juliet is in the line of the target and

both lovers are hit.]


Thou heart aches. It is as if thee love, is draining and thy pain is mixing, never to

be seperated again and…


Juliet, my love, thou say now that thou can feel our hearts together forever and



Look at what thy hatred of thee familys has done? These star-crossed lovers,

they searched, and discovered love in hate. Act 5 Scene 3 Line 315 begins.


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