20 Traits Of Petruchio Taming Essay Research

20 Traits Of Petruchio Taming Essay, Research Paper

Such wind as scatters young wind

through the world. To seek their fortune

farther than at home… Happily to wive

and thrive, as best I may. 51-57

Act 1, sc.2 pg. 53

Now, by the world, it is a lusty wench.

I love her ten times more than e er I did.

O, how I long to have some chat with

her. 168-170

Act 2, sc.1 pg.85

Why, that is nothing. For I tell you,

father I am as peremptory as she

proud-minded; And where two raging

fires meet together, They do consume

the thing that feeds their fury…For I am

rough and woo not like a babe. 137-144

Act 2 , sc.1 pg. 83

I am a gentlemen of Verona, sir, That

hearing of her beauty and her wit. Her

affability and bashful modesty, Her

wondrous qualities and mild behavior, …

I do present you with a man of mine,


Act 2, sc.1 pg.77

You peasant swain, you whoreson

malthorse drudge! 121-122

Act 4, sc.1 pg.145

Tis burnt, and so is all the meat. What

dogs are these? Where is the rascal

cook?…What, do you grumble? I ll be

with you straight. 161-167

Act 4, sc.1 pg.149

When you are gentle you shall have one

too, And not till then. 75-76

Act 4, sc.3 pg. 169

Greedy: Petruchio was only wanting to

marry Kate for her dowry, or money.

Bold: Petruchio came forth and flat out

told everyone he loves Kate.

Persistence: He wouldn t give up on

Kate, he kept taming and working her

until she broke.

Ready for a challenge: Petruchio was

willing to tame Kate no matter what the


Foul-Mouthed: Petruchio just opened his

mouth and started calling his servant

names, for no particular reason.

Inconsiderate: Petruchio was just flat out

rude to his cooks and servants, just to

make a scene in front of Kate.

Forward: Petruchio told Kate that when

she was a true lady she could have a


Well, I say no. And therefore, for

assurance, Let s each one send unto his

wife… Shall win the wager which we

will propose. 66-71

Act 5, sc.2 pg.211

Nay I will win my wager better yet,

And show more sign of her obedience,

Her new-built virtue and obedience.


Act 5, sc.2 pg.217

Why Petruchio is coming in a new hat

and an old jerkin, a pair of old breeches

thrice turned… pieced with packthread.


Act 3, sc.2 pg.119

And for this night we ll fast for

company. Come, I will bring thee to thy

bridal chamber. 177-178

Act 4, sc.1 pg.151

I ll find about the making of the bed, …

And with the clamor keep her still

awake. 200-207

Act 4, sc.1 pg.151

This is a way to kill a wife with

kindness… Now let him speak; tis

charity to shew. 208-211

Act 4, sc.2 pg.153

Hortensio, peace. Thou know st not

gold s effect; … As thunder when the

clouds in autumn crack. 94-97

Act 1, sc.2 pg.55

Asses are made to bear, and so are

you… That I ll try. 210-233

Act 2, sc.1 pg.89-90

Skeeming: Petruchio skeemed the other

mean because he knew what the

outcome of Kate s decision would be.

Confident: Petruchio was confident in

what he had waged, because he had

confidence in Kate.

Unappealing: Petruchio went to his own

wedding in rags.

Lusty: Petruchio was lusting to be with


Violent: Petruchio got violent when

Kate hit him with the bed heater.

Intelligent: Petruchio was smart enough

to know how to tame Kate.

Audacious: Petruchio attempts or dares

to go ahead and woo Kate as Hortensio

tells him he should.

Poetic: Petruchio is in a very witty

verbal battle with Kate and the lines he

chooses to use, are making this battle

even better.

They shall go forward, Kate, at thy

command.— Obey the bride, you that

attend on her. Go to the feast, reveal

and domineer, carouse full measure to

her maidenhead, … I will be master of

what is mine own… I ll buckler thee

against a million. 228-246

Act 3, sc.3 pg.131-132

How fares my Kate? What, sweeting,

all amort? 36

Act 4, sc.3 pg.165

Prithee, Kate, let s stand aside and see

the end of this controversy. 62-63

Act 5, sc.1 pg.199

You wrong me. Signior, Give me

leave.—…His name as Litio, born in

Mantua. 49-63

Act 2, sc.1 pg.77

Husband, let s follow to see the end of

this ado. First kiss me, Kate, and we

will…Is not this well? Come, my sweet

Kate. Better once than never, for never

too late. 145-156

Act 5, sc.2 pg.205

Possessive: Everyone is at Kate and

Petruchio s wedding reception and

Petruchio is demanding that they leave,

and Kate says she doesn t want to go,

and he makes her.

Two-Faced: Petruchio is harsh one day,

and the next he s asking how she is.

Nosy: Petruchio tells Kate to move

aside to continue watching the


Deceitful: Petruchio starts to deceive

people the moment he sees and talks to

Baptista. He presents Hortensio, as

Litio, a teacher of music, science, and


Prideful: Petruchio has pride in Kate, he

tells her to kiss him and she s ashamed

to kiss him in public, but she kisses him




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