Success Essay Research Paper What makes a

Success Essay, Research Paper

What makes a person successful? Does money, parents, or background guarantee success? The definition of success varies with each person, but to me one of the most essential definitions of a person?s success is the impact they have on other people. Most of us hold pre-conceived notions of different socioeconomic backgrounds than our own. While people are truly impacted by these factors, some people can overcome them and reach success. Many people throughout history have prevailed over such obstacles as poverty, poor education, and poor parental guidance. For example, Abraham Lincoln had to struggle for a living and for learning, but he became a great leader and president. In my life, I have encountered a special person who has taught me that people really can overcome obstacles.

The person who has taught me this important lesson is a special friend of mine. I met her when I was young and had no idea of the obstacles she had confronted or would face in the future. I realized that she was underprivileged, because she could not participate in expensive activities. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she found a way to learn and participate. For example, we would teach her fundamental gymnastics skills and she would practice at home. The thing that impressed me about her was that she never acted like she felt underprivileged, in fact, she always seemed proud of her family and her life.

As we became better friends, I learned more about her and started to understand her troubles. As we entered middle school, I began to notice the small amount of clothes she had to wear and how crowded her undersized trailer seemed with five people living in it. I learned that she had lived in various cities and had numerous father figures. You would never hear her complain and she was always smiling. Now that we are in high school, she has made so much of herself. She has not only succeeded academically, but morally and socially. She has become one of the most caring and understanding friends I have.

My friend has taught me more than any class or test. She has educated me about life. She has a ?reach for the stars? attitude when I need guidance. She has showed me that anyone can overcome obstacles. I have learned to appreciate what I have and other people differences. It is easy to envy other people, but my friend never showed this feeling. She has taught me, through her example, to never feel embarrassed, but to always feel fortunate.

Even though, my friend may never be famous or wealthy, she has become an outstanding person who has had a positive influence on others and me. The most impressive thing about my friend is her outgoing and totally cheerful personality. She has taught me that I can become anything if I just strive for the best. Knowing her has made me a better person and will certainly assist me in the future.


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