Sports People Do Not Make Good

Role Models Essay, Research Paper



There is much evidence to support the argument that steroid use is widespread in the Olympics. Rugby League Footballers abuse alcohol, there is widespread corruption in cricket, racism in football, Rugby League and AFL and violence and fights among the players. Sports people generally make very bad role models.

Athletes who use steroids are cheats. Steroids users are not the true athletes effort, ability or training. The athletes who train hard and diet, sometimes giving up a job and straining personal relationships with loved ones are cheated out of medals and places by athletes who use performance enhancing steroids. Another point I would like to make is that the Olympic committee is weak and that there should be blanket testing not random testing and this would help stamp out drug cheats and would make people sit up and take notice that the Olympics are serious.

When Brad Fidler was so intoxicated he forgot where he lived and had to go to the police, however when he got there he was so intoxicated he fell asleep out the front of the Police Station! What kind of role model is he? What kind of message is brad Fidler and other role models of today sending the youth? I ll tell you, they are saying alcohol abuse is O.K. Is that the kind of example we want to send to our young people? No, it is definitely not and that is why I believe that sports people do not make good role models!

Sports people do not make good role models because some of them are corrupt. My evidence is that Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh and Shane Warne were discovered selling pitch and weather information to an Indian bookkeeper! On the news I heard that three Pakistani cricketers have been involved with match fixing, this is where players are paid to lose a match. This is trickery and I believe that it is ripping off the paying spectators and it is very wrong because we will never know who would have won. It is also very wrong because a lot of people gamble on cricket!

Sports people do not make good role models, as there is racism in sport. Here is an example from AFL Football! I want to comment on the Spider Everitt case, because I believe he was unfairly picked on by the White Maggots (the Umpires) because all that was shown on the news was what Spider Everitt said to Nicky Winmar. We did not hear about Nicky Winmar abusing Spider Everitt which was shown on National TV!!!!, which could have been racially taunting and most likely provoked Spider Everitt. When some football personalities asked a player with an ethnic background what he was called, he said he was called a wog , dago goat herder and also a greaseball , but he said when this happened they just have to get on with the game and he thought that the Aboriginal players should stop being pansies and get on with what they are there for playing football! He also says that ninety percent 90% of players are racist.

My view is that sports people do not make good role models because of their widespread alcohol abuse and wild partying. There are some sports people who are corrupt and accept money to lose the match. There is also racism in sport, especially AFL Football. These are the reasons why I believe that sports people do not make good role models!


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