Alcohol In College Essay Research Paper 2

Alcohol In College Essay, Research Paper

?Alcohol and drugs come hand in hand with attending college?, this

statement is thought to be truthful when talking about college or

universities. One of the reasons we think this statement is true is because

as a college student you are given certain ?gifts?. Freedom is one of the

many ?gifts? that are given to a college student. I call it a ?gift? because it?s

a privilege given to a student while attending college. The student does not

have anyone to tell them what to do, what time to be home, whether or not

to go to class and so on. With freedom you are forced to face certain

situations and one of them is drinking, and taking drugs while at school.

The student is forced to choose between the academic life and the social

life. The best predictor of a level of substance use is peer pressure. The

student usually uses substances to cheer up, to forget problems, to

socialize, to relive tension and to ?combat? boredom.

The reason this becomes an attention to authorities of colleges and

universities is students driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

destruction of poverty, fighting, disturbance of the peace, overdoses,

suicide attempts, reports of rape, and academic problems. A study found

that 45% of students who were sexually active while under the influence of

a substance might not have done so if sober. Over 20% of these

intercourses are done unprotected. Eight-five percent of college students

drink beverage alcohol compared with 70% of the general population. Heavy

drinkers range between 21 and 27% of the college population. Studies are

shown that 55% of undergraduates have driven after drinking and 41% have

driven knowing that they were not capable. Of these students 20% go to

class under the influence and 25% just did not show up to class. 64% of

fraternity and sorority, house undergraduates drink in heavy manner. The

rise of marijuana in college has gone up tremendously about 30% in the

recent years. Alcohol is still the one that is used more often in college.

?The processes of individuation, emotional development, socialization, and

group membership appear to be significantly stabilized by the use of drugs

and alcohol in college?, states Harry Duran.


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