Selecting A College Essay Research Paper The

Selecting A College Essay, Research Paper

The Essential Elements in Selecting a College

Upon graduating high school, students face many difficult decisions. One of the most important decisions that will affect you throughout your life will be deciding whether or not to continue your education by obtaining a college degree. If you do decide to enroll in college, difficult decisions still lie ahead. When enrolling and becoming a first year college student, many factors may attribute to the selection of a certain college. When selecting which college you wish to attend there are essential elements which should contribute to your selection. Selecting a college is one of the most important decisions a person may make in their life; therefore, all options should be researched carefully to ensure that the ultimate educational experience is received.

In several cases, cost is one of the most important elements that college students have to consider. Most colleges offer several varieties of financial aid and scholarships. By making these opportunities open to those who are academically accomplished, athletically talented, and financially challenged, they have made the expenses of college easier for many students. Since scholarships and financial aid have begun, it has expanded new opportunities for students. These two types of support have improved the probability that many students who would not have continued their education did so, because they had the means of paying for an education. For those students who are not eligible for some type of aid, student loans are available. These loans help the burden of trying to go to school, pay for school, support yourself, and hold down a job. When a student loan is taken out, the student does not have to start paying it back until he or she graduates. If a student is unable to enroll in a larger, more expensive college, such as Texas A and M University, they have the option of enrolling into a smaller, less expensive college, such as Stephen F. Austin State University. The cost of living also plays an important role in the selection of a college. The cost of living is normally less expensive in smaller, less populated areas, rather than a larger, more densely populated area.

Location is another important element in selecting a college. To some students, it is the most important item. If students do not have the transportation available to commute or to take a vehicle with them, and if they move to a distant college, then the distance has then become an inconvenience and sometimes is impossible to function without transportation. The other possibilities are attending a local college. If attending a college close to your hometown, there is the possibility that there are some of your friends attending the same college. In this case, catching a ride to and from school would be simplified. If the college is in walking distance, then the transportation would not be a problem.

Environment is another element that should be looked into closely. Most students want a healthy learning environment where the relationship between the students and the teachers are such that the student feels that he or she can talk to the teacher easily and be listened to. For students who need more one-on-one training, it’s best that they attend a smaller college. When students do not have a preference to the “student to teacher ratios,” then a larger college is best suitable for them. Also, for many students a desirable environment is essential to them so that they feel safe and secure. They may then focus on their classes and not have to worry so much about their safety.

These are a few of the essential elements that are an important factor in choosing a college. Although difficult decisions lie ahead, they are decisions that have to be made. It is a wise decision to research the different elements of a college thoroughly before making a selection. This should be done to ensure that you receive the ultimate educational experience.


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