A Comparison Of Ancient Rome And Pre

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The Roman Empire and the Early United States

A comparison

The purpose of this paper is to show the comparison between remarkable empires that were created in many years apart. I chose to compare Pre-World War I United States and the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire information is said to be recorded between 753BC – 1184 BC (ThinkQuest) and the Pre World War I information is between late 19th century and early 20th century (Encarta). Included in this paper will be in information comparing: Government, Economy, Military, and Religion.


The Roman Empire had 3 different types of government during this period. During the 1st period Rome was controlled by a King, who acted as commander-in-chief during war times as well as the chief priest and judge (ThinkQuest). Decisions had to be approved by the Comitia Centuria and the Senate before the King could exercise his authority. The United States was set-up similar to the Roman Empire in regards to how decisions where executed. The United States government consists of a President, Congress and Senate. Taking these aspects into consideration, both the King and the President have to receive permission from other bodies of government before making decisions.


Both the Pre World War I United States and the Roman Empire had vast amounts of agricultural products. The Romans had created a system equivalent to the United States, which seems amazing considering amount of time that separates these to Societies. The Roman Empire was based primarily on agriculture and trade (Encarta). This to was a major resource for the United States, although the manufacturing was in place that created a vast majority of goods for its people. The means of payment were similar also. The Roman Empire used silver, gold and bronze coins as a means of payment for goods. This system also existed in the United States. The Romans had also built roads and ships in order to transport the goods for trading; this practice was also exercised in early America. As both the Roman Empire and the United States progressed each society had a surge of “big business”. In the Roman Empire military was increasing and many of the smaller farmers where forced to sell out their land to larger farmers due to increased taxes. In comparison the United States was currently catering to all big business in order to create a manufacturing powerhouse. This had changed the style of the 1800’s into production and factories. Many people who were once skilled craftsman where forced to work in factory jobs and working long hours in hazardous conditions. Both these empires where growing in such force that it had consequently destroyed or forced change upon current residence and higher taxes where in force as well.


The Roman Empire and the United States both had well developed protective forces in place. The Roman Army consisted of many different units performing a variety of functions. Coincidently the United States had a similar military in place as well. Both militaries had units that consisted of 100 men or more that were led by officers of the military. These officers were responsible for evaluating missions and driving in men into war when necessary. Both militaries also had the capabilities of fighting on land and sea. The Roman Empire was notorious for its massive warships. In contrast the United States had a world renowned Navy that consisted of hundreds of ships and vessels. Both militaries constructed bases or camps where men would perform certain job task each day. The jobs varied from cooks to craftsman and allowed the camps to operate like their own individual cities. During the Roman Empire the army would where arrange their shields to form a box covering their heads and sides (ThinkQuest). The United States soldiers wore helmets that protect their heads no kind of body armor was used during fighting. Surprisingly both militaries operated similarly considering that they were centuries apart.


In the beginning of the Roman Empire the Romans adapted Greek Gods into their society although, the names were changed each God had a different worshiping aspect. But as government prospered in the Roman Empire they took on the belief of Christianity (ThinkQuest). The United States main form of religion is Roman Catholic, which is derived from Rome. To this day the Catholic religion is the most predominant of all religions in the United States, as well as, Rome. Although the United States is mainly Christian we have also many different types of religions that are worshiped due to the immense amount of immigration that spawned our development.

In conclusion, these empires even though separated by thousands of years had produced similar instances in all of its society. Both had powerful militaries, vast agricultural resources and similar economical structures. I am almost unable to put into words how amazing it is that the Roman Empire had the knowledge to create an empire that replicated the United States in the early 20th century. As Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire it spawned drastic changes and caused the once mighty empire to collapse. In comparison the United States remains one of the most powerful and most developed countries societies in the world.


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