The War Of 1812 Should We Have

Fought Essay, Research Paper

Was it really necessary to go to war with Britain…..again? Many people in America pondered this powerful question and eventually they agreed to defend their country with the consent of the President. Today, we know that the war might not have accomplished much, but back then, your choice would have been to go to war with Britain, too. We had to fight for our country!

People had strong reasons for going to war against the British. It wasn’t just to gain needless things such as Canada. First of all, the British wouldn’t stop attacking United States trade ships until we paid them bribes. Britain was also on bad terms with the French, so every time we tried to make a trade with France, Britain would try and attack our trade ships. This certainly deserved revenge! Also, war with Britain was a chance to take over some of Spain’s territory. Spain was an ally of Britain, therefore, a victory over Britain would allow us to take over Spain’s territory of Florida. In addition, Britain had been going behind our backs and giving weapons to Native Americans and ordering them to attack us. And of course, the Indians conceded to Britains wishes, because they were upset with the settlers taking over their land years before. Finally, we needed to stop giving into British demands. The point of the Revolution was to become independent. If the United States continued to give bribes to the British, in order to avoid attacks on our ships, we would eventually end up right where we started…..once again under Britain’s control. War with Britain was absolutely necessary.

After war was declared, Britain, although surprised by this declaration of war, immediately blockaded American ports. Americans won some battles with British ships as well as defeating the Creek Indians, but it did little to win the war. Britain burnt down the President’s mansion, and from there the British marched toward Baltimore to Fort McHenry. All night British rockets bombarded the fort, but in the morning “the broad stripes and bright stars” of the American flag were still there. It was this event that resulted in the national anthem being written. Shortly after this, a peace treaty was signed. However, we did win another major battle at New Orleans because they were unaware the war was over, but it could have been avoided.

So was declaring war really worth it? Basically, with the peace treaty, nothing was settled and things went back to the way they were before the war. British and French conflicts faded, and there was no more seizing of ships. The war accomplished nothing. But when we decided to fight in the War of 1812, America didn’t know what the outcome of the war would be. Britain was still trying to control us and we needed stick up for our country. The war didn’t end up the way it was planned, but back then, war was something the U.S. needed in order to show Britain they couldn’t control us any longer!

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