Water Pollution Essay Research Paper The earth

Water Pollution Essay, Research Paper

The earth is facing a lot of environmental problems today, these problems are

caused by humans. In the search for the technology, humans begin to improve

their lives without giving attention to what this development has caused to the

other types of life on the face of the earth. All aspects of life on the earth

have been affected, as well as the sources of water. Sea and river pollution is

one of the problems that resulted from the new technology, and humans should

solve very fast to save our planet. Water is one of the most important sources

of life in the earth a lot of animals live in seas, rivers and lakes. In

addition water in also important for humans, not just for drinking, seas are one

of our main sources of food today, for example fish. Sea pollution has become

one of the biggest problems facing our environment. This pollution which is

caused by the oil tankers or the oil spills could cause serious damage to the

lives of many kinds of creatures that live in the sea. People were happy when

the oil was first discovered. For them it was a new source of energy that would

help to made life a lot easier, no one ever thought that oil could cause so much

damage, but it became clear when oil tankers began to dump oil in to the sea.

The oil which was dumped into the sea for different reasons, could case a lot of

damage to the life in that sea, for example a thick spot of oil could cover the

surface of the sea and causes screening of the sun rays from the sea. That

screening can case the death of many of the sea creatures, because most of the

sea creatures depend on the sun for their lives. A lot of beaches are destroyed

because of the oil spots, too. The oil spot finally ends up on the beach. A lot

of birds that live on the beach will face death because they lost their source

of food. People will be affected too. A lot of fish will die so there will be no

fishing. In some countries where they depend on sea water for drinking, they are

going to have problems purifying. Rivers were facing the same problem too. The

chemicals that have been used in manufacturing should not be dumped in lakes or

rivers, because of the animals that live in these rivers and lakes. In some

countries they polluted some of their big lakes because of the big factories

that were built beside them in order to throw the waste of chemicals on these

lakes, and the result was big loss of natural life. However, it is a big

problem, we still can not stop it from happening, but we can reduce it by

enforcing stronger laws to stop these oil tankers and these factories from

dumping oil and waste-water in to the seas and rivers. Our environment is

important to us, so we should take care of it.


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