To Be A Writer Essay Research Paper

To Be A Writer Essay, Research Paper

I believe the meaning of being a good writer, is to be able to think, use your imagination, thoughts and put them onto a piece of paper.

For some to look and treat me as a writer, it shows that they understand that I have an open mind and use it as a tool.

To treat someone else as a writer, you have to be able to understand what he or she are writing and talking about. Also take into consideration, that they are a writer just like you, so you have to let them know where they?re at as a writer and give them feedback.


College is a chance for every teenage kid to learn and grow on their own. This is my second year at William Paterson University and I?ve learned to like and dislike many things about being at school.

I like that I can depend on myself and get a chance to live in this environment.

I also like that it gives you a chance to meet knew people.

I especially like the girls, parties, and football games.

Then, there?s always the dislikes, like schoolwork, money problems, and sometimes being on your own can be hard.


One thing I?ve learned outside of the classroom is how to choose what is important in life.

For me, it?s whether or not to play football, or take this season off to get healthy. Do to a serious knee injury; it has left me with a lot of pain and emptiness. I can?t deal with the pain and I can?t deal without playing football.

In my future I have plans on becoming a State Trooper like my father. This is something I need my knees for. So now I?m left with a decision, ?to play or not to play??


When I signed up for this class, I know I have to have to have the state of mind that I?m going to have to put extra time and effort into my writing.

Last semester, I was in Basic Writing, so I know this class will be challenging for me.

I plan to work better on my sentence and paragraph construction.


In a person?s life, they will be good at something. It does not matter what, but he or she will accomplish something that is great to them. Everyone is capable of being good at something, and for me, that one thing is football.

I?ve played since the fifth grade.

My favorite team is the Giants.

I play college football for William Paterson.


People have certain strengths and weaknesses, characteristics, etc. Throughout my life I have been able to grow and learn what my strengths and weaknesses are. I can see and learn from the people and environment around me.

So far my strengths in life are being independent, strong, big-hearted, friendly, and a leader.

My weakness is definitely when it comes to studying or schoolwork. I tend to have problems remembering things when I read. Another is that I have a short attention span.


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