Leadership 101 Essay Research Paper Kirk Cameron

Leadership 101 Essay, Research Paper

Kirk Cameron plays Cameron “Buck” Williams, a determined reporter who travels to Israel to interview famed scientist Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig about his breakthrough food-growing formula that will impact the world?s food supply. While the two are standing in the middle of a wheat field, they are caught in a surprise Arab air attack with planes falling out of the sky around them. Buck returns to the states, meets with an ex-Pentagon friend who hints at a massive conspiracy and in-turn, begins a quest for answers. In mid-air on a flight to London, Buck witnesses a disturbing disappearance of several passengers. A perplexed Captain Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) turns the plane around and upon arriving in Chicago, discovers that panic and mayhem have replaced everyday life.

Buck needs a private pilot to get to Dr. Rosenzweig and Rayford knows of one, so the two heads for the captain?s house only to make a grim discovery. Ray?s wife and 11-year-old son have also disappeared, leaving their teen-age daughter Chloe (Janaya Stephens) desperately searching for her missing family and for answers. When family friend Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarence Gilyard) explains the reason why he and others weren?t raptured, Buck and Rayford experience a change of faith, heart and new purpose for their lives. Meanwhile, out of the chaos a new United Nations leader emerges who quickly amasses world power and influence with many governments. Nicolae Carpathia is the antichrist who comes into power by taking control of the minds of anyone who rises up against him, including the professor and Buck?s friend Hattie (Chelsea Noble). The aftermath of the rapture has changed the lives of Buck and Rayford but as a gloom sets in for the future of the world, they come to grips with their purpose for being left behind.

Cloud Ten Pictures and Namesake Entertainment release this tale of tribulation, faith, forgiveness and love. Director Vic Sarin?s distinguished career is evident in this beautifully filmed well-done movie with poignant scenes and heartfelt moments. Left Behind: The Movie is a story that will stir audiences to take account of their own faith and stretch their religious beliefs to possibly accept a pre-tribulation message. Since Left Behind is the first in a series of books, the characters don?t come to a climactic resolve, but instead, hint at what?s to come.

I was thoroughly entertained and in a few key scenes, emotionally moved by the heart-wrenching performances between Johnson and Stephens. Cameron delivers his role with warmth and charm, but it?s his stirring conversion scene of realizing God does exist that impacted me the most.

For loyal best-seller fans, the movie veers a little from the book, but all audiences can appreciate this exciting and compelling story with a convincing message and subtle religious themes. As real world tensions escalate, the similarities to this story seem less and less like fiction and more like a possible glimpse into the future.

Parental advisory: Even though there?s no offensive language or sexual situations, mature themes dealing with premillennial eschatology, wartime violence, the off-camera assassinations of two men, marital problems and other adult issues make this movie best for mature older kids (ages 10 and up) who can understand these themes.

In one chaotic moment, millions of people around the world suddenly disappear, leaving their clothes, wedding rings, eyeglasses and shoes in crumpled piles. Mass confusion hits while vehicles, suddenly unmanned, veer out of control. Fires erupt and hysteria breaks out as the living stare in disbelief and fear at the empty places where loved ones were just seconds before. This is the rapture … what God has planned as the sign of the unraveling of the end of time.

Airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) is a tall, ruggedly strong and good-looking man in his early ’40s. His flying career has kept him away from his wife and two children, causing a strain in his marital relationship, which consequently pushes his wife, Irene, into devoting herself to her church and religious beliefs. Rayford begins to desire Hattie Durham, an attractive and intelligent flight attendant, and is about to take it one step forward when, in the middle of one of his flights to London, England, the rapture occurs.

Cameron “Buck” Williams (Kirk Cameron), a young and ambitious television reporter, is in the middle of an investigative report that brought him to Israel. There he interviewed famed scientist Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig about his breakthrough food growth formula that will make any type of soil — from desert to frozen ice caps — arable. This formula would enable Israel to barter for world peace.

In the midst of the interview, Israel is besieged by a full-scale surprise air attack which, unexplainably and suddenly, explodes in mid-air, causing absolutely no harm or casualties to Israel. Buck, deeply perplexed by this phenomenon, is further intrigued when his ex-Pentagon friend, Dirk Burton, hints at a massive conspiracy to obtain world domination using Dr. Rosenzweig’s secret formula. The plot is headed by two evil tycoons, Jonathan Stonagal and Joshua Cothran.

Buck sets out on a mission to get to the truth and finds himself on Rayford’s flight to London, where he experiences the rapture first hand. After Dirk is mysteriously murdered, he later enlists the help of an eclectic band of techies to sort out Dirk’s conspiracy facts, which are encrypted on a miniature DVD.

Rayford returns home from the chaotic rapture flight to find his wife and 11-year old son, Raymie, gone while his feisty 20-year-old daughter Chloe (Janaya Stephens) is still alive. Joined by her father and Buck, they work together to find the truth and search for their missing family.

Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarence Gilyard) is a good friend to Rayford’s family. He comes to a climactic, personal revelation during the aftermath of the rapture. Consumed by his anguish over the loss of his only son, he becomes determined to find out why he and others are left behind. Bruce finds an old videotape from his senior pastor, which may explain the reason behind the rapture. Barnes’ ministry becomes the safe haven for Rayford, Buck and Chloe. Ultimately, Barnes is able to convert Rayford and Chloe to his explanation of the rapture but has difficulty converting the skeptical Buck.

Enter the two evil masterminds: Stonagal, in his ’50s, and Cothran, in his ’30s. To achieve their world domination goal, they have been secretly bankrolling Dr. Rosenzweig’s formula hoping to ensnare him into giving up the secret ingredients. On the brink of realizing their plans, a surprising plot twist occurs.

Nicolae Carpathia, a charismatic and highly trusted Romanian envoy, becomes their ally. In his public display of environmental activism, he has converted the masses into believing that Dr. Rosenzweig’s invention is the tool to world peace. Behind the scenes and unbeknownst to the world, Nicolae is being controlled by Stonagal and Cothran. Playing his trusted media persona, Nicolae, with the help of his newly hired assistant, former flight attendant Hattie Durham, prepares to unleash his secret plan, catching everyone off guard.

In this classic X-Files type drama, believers and non-believers are constantly being challenged by science and unexplained events, where hearts, lives and eternity all hang in the balance.


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