Should We Bomb Iraq Essay Research Paper

Should We Bomb Iraq Essay, Research Paper

Glen Gemeniano

COM 100

Rebuttal (Persuasive speech)

Topic – The use of United States militray action against Iraq.(con)(rebuttal)

Main pupose- To pursuade my audience that Military action against Iraq is neccesary to maintain international stablity.

Specific Purpose – To pursuade my audience that bombing Iraq would send a strong message to terrorist nations to stop their activities.


Use the movie “Seige” as an example to illustrate the possiblities of terrrorist activities in the future. Tell how the movie portrayed Arabs. Show similarities between the movie and real life.


According to’s article entitled Age of Anonymous Terrorism

Aug. 12, 1998

Terrorism and warfare were engaged in primarily by states or state-sponsored groups, at an international level. Today, however, violence is more likely to be initiated by groups not affiliated with any government, such as ideologically based terrorist groups not associated with the governments of their nations, revolutionaries within a state or groups based in several countries.

Incedents are:

The bombings of have Pan American Flight 103 been blamed on Islamic terrorist group, Hamas. The varying responses to terrorist activities — military force and international cooperation prompted by sanctions — illustrate only two of many methods governments use to counter terrorist activity and establish international standards of justice. While policy-makers disagree on the effectiveness and morality of the use of force in response to force, some argue that the criminal mindset of a terrorist or genocidal leader will respond only to the threat of force, not to diplomatic overtures. The recent bombing so of U.S. embassies of Sudan and Libya have prompted the United States to bomb those countries.

We need to bomb Iraq because we need to stop Islamic terrorism. The first step in fighting this very dangerous threat to our national security is by infiltrating countries in the middle east which are weak and vulnerable. Next we must setup military sites in them and use that position to intimidate against any future attack. The countries which are the prime players in this middle eastern islamic terrorist network are Iran,Sudan, Libya and Afganistan.(ABCNEWS.COM) Most of the other Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq have not showed that they are supporting terrorist activity. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those in their governement who is secretly working for the Islamic terrorists. Most countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have allowed U.S. Military sites be installed in their countries which makes such Islamic Terrorist leaders such as Osama Bin Ladin very angry. He says” those countries that have let the enemy(United States) build military bases on our holy lands will be punished.” In this statement he seems very vague on who exaclty will punish those countries. But as history proves everytime he threatens people in his speeches he is usually referring to Islamic terrorist groups will punish those countries. He has a very powerful effect on other islamic terrorists. (ABC NEWS.COM)He’s a successful billionaire who finances Islamic terrorist activity. Because of his influence his bidding is usually accomplished from terrorist not within his network. They see him as a sort of prophet who has been sent to convert all non-believers to the religion of Islam. Islamic terrorist use the word of the Quaran to rationalize their actions. ( the Quaran it states that the State that adopts this ideology shoulders the responsibility of carrying it to new lands. As would be expected, this goal will lead to a conflict with other states and their ideologies. This conflict has to be resolved either through diplomacy or through force. The Islamic fundamentalist see the Iranian revolution as a prophecy being fulfilled. The Islamic fundamentalist took over Iran during the Iranian revolution.

An exerpt from the book -Karen Armstrong, Muhammad – A Biography Of The Prophet Another The Iranian revolution was not just an atavistic return to the past, but an attempt to impose decent values in Iran again. — p. 265

Bin Ladin’s influence on muslims in the middle east has been high. As the rest of the world has been struggling to keep up with this new threat the United States has been setting their defensive in the middle east since the Gulf War under Bush’s administration. The war planners saw it coming and prepared for it. The Clinton administration has continued the mission of isolating terrorism within the middle east by signing such agreements as the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty which made it illeagal for any country to test nuclear weapons. The Islamic terrorists plan to spread it’s influence on the rest of the countries in the middle East. Because Iran holds many countries economic interest we can’t stirke on Iran directly, but rather through Iraq as I mentioned earlier. The countries which have oil concessions in Iran are France, Russia, Britain, and the United States. If we were to attack Iran without first attacking Iraq then it would cause outrage from the international as well as the muslim community.By taking this route of action the United States can gain support from other countries in this course of action. To illustrate the extent to which religious beliefs influence public policy within the middle east. Saudi Arabia is Osama Bin Ladin’s home country where there is price for is capture.

Places with such strong beliefs are breeding grounds for such terrorist such as Bin Ladin.

An exerpt from the book – Akbar S. Ahmed, Living Islam

The Wahabi school within the Sunnis believes in a strictly literal interpretation of the Quran. It dominates Saudi Arabia, which has a small population of about ten million but huge influence because of its oil revenues and as guardian of the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This school would interpret everything in the Quran literally: thus the chopping off of hands, death for adultery, and so on. — p. 208




Osama Bin Ladin:

Thanks be to Allah. It is hard for one to understand if the person does not understand Islam. In our religion we believe that Allah created us to worship him. Allah is the one who created us and blessed us with this religion, and orders us to carry out the holy struggle “jihad” to raise the word of Allah above the words of the unbelievers.

We believe this is a form of worship we must follow despite our financial ability. This is a response to Westerners and secularists in the Arab world who claim the reason for the awakening and the return to Islam is financial difficulties. This is untrue. In fact, the return of the people to Islam is a blessing from Allah, and their return is a need for Allah.

This is not a strange issue. During the days of jihad, thousands of young men who were well off financially left the Arabian Peninsula and other areas and joined the fighting—hundreds of them were killed in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya. We pray Allah grants them martyr status.

Bin Ladin’s home country still house some of his folowers. He can still star a revolution there. Before Iran can take over the Iraqi government the United States needs to do it. If Iraq were to fall to Iranian control then the rest of the countries in the middle east would fall to the Iran as well by the domino effect.If Iran were to be able to capture Iraq the it would be able to control most of the oil supply to Europe and the rest of the world.

This is an exerpt from an interview with the defector Abbas al-Janabi , Uday’s secretary for 15 years as he told a London Newspaper. “I knew that it was going to end soon.”


Terrorist activity has been increasingly affecting American’s way of life. Many millions of dollars have been spent combating this problem. With such important middle eastern leaders falling victim to these terrorist groups it is only fitting that the United States take the role of big brother once again to make it a world where democracy can rule. The other time the United States acted as protector of democracy was during the cold war. Most noteably during the Bay of pigs invasion. My plan to attack against Iraq would start by first gathering countries around the middle east that would help the United States militarily. Slowly gethering much more support for their plan from other countries surrounding Iran.

We need to exterminate Isalmic terrrorist groups because their religion tells them to take force against countries who don’t agree with following the religious ideals.



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