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Notes Of The Death Penalty Essay Research

Notes Of The Death Penalty Essay, Research Paper

Topic: Why the death penalty should be reinstated 2. Sources 1. The Death Penalty, Opposing Viewpoints, Published in 1986 2. The Death Penalty, Justice? Published in 1993 3. Death penalty issue stirs divigerent religious views, Robert Marquand published in the Christian Monitor in June, 1997 3. IntroductionScenario:-out with friends, watching movie, frozen yogurt after ward, -while your out a sociopathic serial killer creeps into your home, and holds up your family,he steal all the valuables, jewellry, family heirlooms.-vandalizes the living room including your mom s prized antique set of china plates, smashes all the picture frames,-he then tortures your dad, rapes your sister, then in the end, kills them all in the end not before pissing on your brand new couch-you walk home and find your house and family in this shape, -somehow, this person is picked up by the police, and is sentenced to spend time in jail-now, this person is sentenced to some time in jail, he may not live the bestest life, but he s comfortable- he has a roof over his head, a bed to sleep in, 3 meals a day, cable television, and even a chance to work out.- Now is this fair? That this beast gets to go on with his life while your family has been robbed and cheated out of their hopes, their dreams and all future plans,- Ladies, and gentlemen, fellow students, hi my name is tina morabi and I m here to talk about why I think there should be a death penalty in Canada. -the 3 main tops that I m going to focus on is, a brief summary of the death penalty through the ages and now, under what circumstances I believe the death penalty should be used, and some cliches about the death penalty 4. ConclusionSome people say that because I favour the death penalty, I don’t have enough regard for the most marvelous of miracles – human life. And actually, it s just the opposite: It’s because I have so much regard for human life that I favor capital punishment. Murder is the most terrible crime there is. Anything less than the death penalty is an insult to the victim and society. If criminals bring their punishment upon themselves, then they deserve what they get. Life is a precious and valuable thing and whoever steals away our right to live should seek the consequences, thank you.5. What is the death penalty ? (general info, history) – by definition of dictionary it is punishment which involves the legal killing of a person who has commited a serious crime such as murder.-In lamens terms, it means to kill someone for the crime that they did-Both the Greeks and the Romans invoked the death penalty for a wide variety of offenses. -it s been around as long as 2000 bc. -the phrase an eye for an eye is found in the bible-types of capital punishment by death varied from group to group.-eg. In ancient persia , if servants sat on the king s throne, while cleaning it they were immediatley executed-throughout history , the death penalty has been carried out in many ways, -eg. Hangings, burning, stoning, beheading, crucifixtion, the Romans threew a person in a sack with a wild dog or poisonous snake inside and threw the sack in the river,-in thailand people were thrown into pits filled with starving crocodiles.-during middle ages people were boiled in oil-breaking bones, skinning people, beheading -The choices of execution today are: hanging, electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad, and lethal injection

-The capital punishment doesn t exist in canada , but it does in 38 of the American states-when polled 75-80% of americans favour the death penalty-about 143 countries of the world have the death penalty-Canada doesn t for 2 main reasons, the believe that it doesn t deter (stop) someone from commiting a crime, and second the believe executioning people is morally wrong. What crimes should have the death penalty as a punishment? -I believe capital punishment should be carried out when .Someone commits murder, someone who comits rapes, sexually abuses or molestation, severely abusing someone-the exceptions are if you kill someone as as act of self defence, or if you accidentaly kill someone-crimes I think shouldn t have capital punishment are, robbery, dealing drugs, abuse (minor)-I don t believe that capital punishment should be carried out on a pregnant woman-nor on juvenille offenders under 16 years of age.-now the issue about juvenille offenders is a touchy one-many people believe that adolescence and childhood is a time when young people make mistakes, then correct them-I believe that everybody is responsible for their own actions and if a youngster thinks they are old and mature enough to commit the crime, then they should be mature enough to face the punishment, even if it is death penalty!-If someone is proven guilty 100% then he should have no chance for appeals Cliches about the death penalty -abolitionists say we should value ALL human life even the most violent and discpecable ones -but That philosophy indicates that there is nothing more to humanity than the physical traits -for human life isn t just about physically being there, it s about being human on a spiritual level where we have compassion, and respect and love for one another, and none of these murderers show this.-so obviously they do not deserve to stay alive, for they re no better than savage animals. -another on of the main concerns for the abolitionists is that the wrong person is executed,-now I m not saying that it s never happened, and I m not sayin gthe police, prosecutors,defense lawyers, and judges don t make mistaked either, because they do. We all do but only 23 innocent people have been wrongfully executed in the past century! That s 100 years, and only 23 people!-But I m willing to take the risk in return for the social benefits, life is about risks, and we take tons of risks everyday.-e.g. we all have been in cars, and our familys drive cars, but did you know about 45,000 people a year die because of automobiles. We are willing to take that risk almost single day of our lives, so why can t we accept the few risks of wrongful executions for the sakes of defending public safety -Another cliched argument is the question: “Why do we kill people to show that killing people is wrong?” That two wrongs do not make a right, therefore, executions are equivalent to murder. -First of all, if you look the word up in the dictionary murder is specifically defined in any dictionary as the UNLAWFUL killing of a person with malice and aforethought. -There is a difference between violent crime and punishment. -eg, take a speeder going down a highway, is it wrong if a policeman speeds after a speeder to enforce speeding laws?? NO, it s not!-one person (speeder) shows lack of moral judgement-other person (cop) speeds to make sure the speeder doesn t repeat it and put others and him or herself in danger-just because two things share the same physical actions, doesn t mean they are morally the same.- moral aspects examine the reasons and motivations behind one’s actions

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