The Joys Of Reading A Novel Essay

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The Joys of Reading A Novel

As soon as a novel must be read or becomes part of a literary course,

the joy of reading it is immediately lost due to the fact that the particular

novel may not be interest to the student, the student may hurry to finish the

novel and by the extent to which the novel is studied.

The joy of reading a novel is lost when a novel is not of interest to

the reader because the reader would not be able to relate to any of the

characters, and would therefore not be able to fully imagine what the author

intended to be imagined at a particular moment in the novel. Not being able to

imagine in a novel does not allow the novel to be read properly which further

causes the reader to lose interest in the novel. Also, if the novel is not of

interest to the student, he may not even bother to read the book, however, since

it is forced upon him, it would be read in a hurry.

If a novel is read in a hurry, the joy of reading it is lost because

the reader would most likely look over the words just enough to understand the

plot but would not go in detail. The detail in a novel is very important since

it helps create atmosphere and mood which results in the reader beginning to

imagine himself as the character. In some novels, for example, just the details

of the surroundings of the character’s location take seven to eight pages to

explain and if the detail is missed, the reader fails to imagine the intended


The extent to which a novel is studied causes the reader to lose

interest in reading the novel because some interpretations of particular moments

in the novel may not have anything to do relative to the novel. Doing things

like over-emphasizing or over-interpreting causes the reader to become bored

with the concept and in some cases even be confused.

For a novel to be enjoyed by anybody, it must be of interest to them and

be able to keep them interested in it. This would then allow the reader to

understand the author’s intended view. The novel should be studied to a certain

limit to develop some more interest, however it should not be over-studied.


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