Todays Economy Essay Research Paper Are Peoples

Todays Economy Essay, Research Paper

Are People?s Good and Bad Habits Making Today?s economy?

An economy depends upon the production and sale of goods to the consumers. Companies often try to take advantage of their consumer?s weaknesses, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and driving everywhere. Consumer?s bad habits often cause high prices of those goods because they will pay any price to purchase the good, often out of necessity. Consumer?s good habits are also closely watched by companies because everyone in this country has good hygiene habits and therefore the companies can capitalize greatly on the fact that this society has good healthy habits. Therefore, people?s good and bad habits are necessary for the nation?s economy.

One can easily think of many bad habits that people in our society have and that companies can take advantage of. The first bad habit that comes to mind is smoking. The prices of cigarettes are relatively high and are addicting causing their consumers to pay any price to get their cigarettes. A company can also create a cure for this bad habit, as many companies have created either patches and gums to fight the addiction of tobacco, but they are still taking advantage of our society?s bad habits, in order to maximize their profits. Another bad habit that many companies try to take advantage of is our

sweet tooth. They create a huge variety of candies, chips, and soda all for our different tastes. Even people who worry about their health, the companies create fat-free cookies and soda. Companies find every way possible to take advantage of people?s weaknesses, in order to receive the most money for their products. Companies know what people want and are willing to do anything to gain their business and increase their profits, but the economy is not always so grim.

Companies also create products for our daily disposal that will be used by more people and cost less to purchase, but probably generate more profits than the goods above do. People take care of their teeth and body, by brushing their teeth and taking showers every day, in order to avoid sickness and trips to the dentist. Many people develop good hygiene from their youth and continue it throughout their life, which makes it profitable for a company to produce these goods. Exercise also is a good habit which is necessary for the economy. Many individuals purchase memberships for fitness places, diet products and plans, and exercise equipment. All of these items and memberships create money towards the economy because people want to stay in shape and will do anything to stay fit.

The habits of people in the world are needed to make the economy expand. These good and bad habits force many individuals to purchase items to succeed in today?s world. These companies sell goods to make money, they will not produce goods unless they know people will buy them. Companies know their consumers good and bad habits and try to exploit them to the fullest to make the most gain and create necessities for the economy to become better and stronger.


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