Cartoon Violence Essay Research Paper Ever remember

Cartoon Violence Essay, Research Paper

Ever remember watching Looney Tunes, the cartoon show when you

were a child? Of course you do because it was funny and you could sit and

watch it all afternoon. You didn t watch it because of the voilence in it, you

really didn t even notice the violence, but it was there. Violence has always

been present in all types of cartoons. A lot of cartoon shows today still show

violence and instead of watching the shows because they re funny, kids are

watching them because of the violence. Parents need to view cartoon shows

before hand and decide whether these shows are too violent for kids to watch,

because the violence in cartoons cause kids to act out these scenes that can

result in severe accidents.

In cartoons you usually see the bad guy beating up someone, kids

notice this and want to act the same, if they are not told different than they

will act in the same rough manner. Alicia Kaufman expresses her opinion on

the affect of violence on children. Since all of life is one big learning

experience, we need to be more aware of what our children are actually

learning. Does the vulnerable Bugs Bunny really demonstrate the value of a

sense of humor and resiliency? Or do children get the message that a bop on

the head or a stranglehold is the best way to solve disputes? (New York

Times, p:14)

Parents think cartoons are harmless because they re not real, but they

arent harmless, the violence in cartoons show or teach kids how to play

rough, in which can result in them hurting themselves or someone else. We

have the most trouble getting people to be serious about cartoons. They re

sort of like apple pie and mom, part of the American scenery. They seem

rather innocous, said Dr. Mary Hudak.

For kids to not play so rough while watching cartoons, parents need to

explain to their kids that these shows are fake and that the cartoon characters

don t actually get hurt, but they can if they act that way. Even in cartoon

violence, we see victims that really don t die, said clinical psychologist

Evelyn Kohan. But people do die when they re shot with guns, and people

really do die when people hurt them in violent ways. Our children have to

know that. (

Cartoon shows need to be viewed by parents before their kids watch it

in order to reduce the violence their kids are exposed to, which in turn

reduces the number of accidents that happen among kids from being too



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