Passage To India Essay Research Paper

Passage To India Essay, Research Paper

“A Passage to India” E.M. Forester’s novel, “A Passage to India” focuses upon cultural differences clearly exemplified through the cultures of the English and Indian. The central problem exists in two forms. One being a psychological conflict and the other being a literal conflict. The literal conflict is a simple one. The main character, Dr. Aziz is wrongfully accused of physically assaulting Miss Quested. While in the Marabar caves Miss Quested stumbled over her own two feet and came crashing to the ground. In a fit of embarrassment and frustration she ran out of the cave, bruised and bleeding. Dr Aziz, not far behind, found her glasses, and ran after her in an attempt to return them. Although he failed to catch her, the day went on. When the group returns, Dr. Aziz is arrested and accused of assaulting Miss Quested. On the stand, Miss Quested breaks down and tells the truth. Dr. Aziz is acquitted, but their friendship is permanently severed. The psychological conflict is a clash between the English and Indian cultures. The two cultures have extreme difficulty getting along because of stereotypes that give way to false assumptions of each other. In every attempt to reconcile a possible friendship, the opposite is the resulting accomplishment; the stereotypes are reaffirmed. This conflict is never resolved as the human psyche is never changed.

Analytical3) As seen in the text, the author, E.M. Forester, is commenting on society’s inability to change. The story focus on the two cultures of the English and the Indian. He shows that as long as stereotypes are the precursor to the infusion of cultures, a harmonious relationship can not possibly exist. Personal Response 5) The selection is particularly effective because it clearly shows that two different cultures cannot harmoniously coexist if they evaluate each other on stereotypes alone. For example, the Bridge party, which was set to allow the two cultures to meet was totally ineffective due to the fact that they would not speak to each other because of what they had “heard” from their fellow kinsmen. 6) I think the relationship between Dr. Aziz and Mrs. Moore is interesting because it shows that even in such hostile environments, two people of different cultures and values choose not to evaluate one another based on race, but as human beings instead. This becomes quite evident when Dr. Aziz asks Mrs. Moore to go on a trip with him to the Marabar caves. Further evidence of a strong relationship is evident during Aziz’s trial, for she becomes ill when here friend is under fire. Also, it can be argued that her death was the result of a relationship gone bad Aziz.


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