To Soon For Jeff Essay Research Paper

To Soon For Jeff Essay, Research Paper

To soon For Jeff (essay)

Dashan is a friend of Jeff. Even though Christy became a really good friend of his. Though Dashan wasted his time and also had his heart broken by Christy he has suffered the least. Things could have workout for Dashan and Christy but no.

Dashan was willing to take care of the baby as a father. But soon came to realize he could not do that. Instead he went out to college.

Uncle Steve is of course Jeff?s uncle. Uncle Steve and Jeff are really close when Jeff was small his dad left him. Now when Christy Was staying over at Jeff?s house, Jeff decided to go to uncle Steve?s house so he won?t have to do anything with here while she is staying over at Jeff?s house.

Mr. Roger is Jeff debate teacher. Mr. Roger was depending on Jeff to go to the competition unfortunately Jeff could not go to the competition Because Christy was taken to the hospital because of Ethan?s arrival to soon. The debate team was really counting on him and felt disappointed about him.

Also Jeff attended Brooker University. Jeff Wasted Half of his time because he did not finish his four year?s at Brooker. Brooker University was going to give Jeff a full four year college scholarship.

Nichole is one of Jeff?s teammates. Jeff and Nichole soon get to know each other very good. Nichole ends up sleeping with Jeff a couple of times while they watch a movie.



Young people doing wrong things and soon regretting them. This book is

mostly about a guy named Jeff and his girlfriend Christy. Jeff was not even thinking

about having a kid at age 18 Jeff was not ready for sex. First he used a condom

having sex with Christy but sooner they did it more and more but Christy came out

to be pregnant. This book gets even better she lied to Jeff and said she was on the pill that?s how she came out to be pregnant. In your own words what do you think will happen in their relationship? Will Jeff stay with Christy and take care of the baby she will soon give birth to?


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