Dante Algheiria Essay Research Paper Dante Alighieri

Dante Algheiria Essay, Research Paper

Dante Alighieri wrote when he was poor. Dante Alighieri wrote when he lost his loved ones. Dante Alighieri wrote when he was exiled out of Florence, Italy. How could he do it? Simple, he was prepared for challenges, independent, he had a focus, and always had a sense of higher purpose. From the point in time when Dante Alighieri was growing up in a poor family to being exiled out of Florence, he was still able to write some of his greatest works such as his epic poem, The Divine Comedy. Dante had a focus and was prepared by schooling and teaching himself. His independence led him to being able to finish most of his work. In his lifetime, he had remarkable moments and some that were despised, but his qualities, both good and bad, proved he was a hero in his own way.

Dante Alighieri was born on May 29, 1265 in Florence, Italy, but this date is uncertain. Dante and his family were people of lower nobility. His mother died when he was a child and his father when he was eighteen. One of his most profound events in his youth was meeting Beatrice Portinari, a noble woman, in the year of 1274. It really matters not who she was, for he saw her infrequently and never spoke to her. Nevertheless, she became the focus of his love. After her death, she became his loved one. She is a focal point in his works, including La vitanuova (The New Life) and La divina commedia (The Divine Comedy). Dante s love for her was one of his greatest influences in his literary work, but when she died, he was devastated and depressed. Even though he was in a state of depression, he soon started to study philosophy and theology.

Dante then married a woman named Gemma Donati. Together they had three or four children (the amount is still unknown). His interests started to change and he became very interested in the political situation in Florence.

Dante s political interest and independence led to trouble in Florence, and was the main reason why Dante was despised during his time. He was elected to be one of the six magistrates of Florence; however, he held this position for only two months. The main political situation that Dante had to take part in was the conflict between The Whites, or Cerchi, and The Blacks, or Donati. Dante took sides with the Cerchi, leading to the outcome of the Donati s seizing power and banning Dante from the city for two years and giving him heavy fines. Since Dante would not pay, he was exiled out of Florence, and if he ever returned, he would be killed. Even though he was exiled out of Florence, he was still able to write some of his greatest works while he was roaming from city to city.

Even though Dante was remembered as a criminal in Florence, his greatest works were written while in exile. De Vulgari Eloquentia (Concerning the Common Speech), the unfinished Convivio (Banquet), and one of his most famous works, The Divine Comedy were completed throughout this time. Though once again he became engulfed in politics. This interest soon passed and led him to writing even more famous work. He intended to write a series of fifteen books, however only four were finished. All four books were admired and his focus and creativity helped him create all of his books, and let people see he was a true hero.

For Dante Alighieri to be a hero, he must have possessed some of the ten attributes of a hero. Although he might have not had all of them, he still had a focus, he was prepared for the difficulties and challenges he would face, his creativity led him to his writings, and his independence helped him keep on going even when he thought he could not move forward anymore. Of all of the qualities that led him to become a hero were the most significant in his lifetime. Dante set examples and some were remarkable, but some were despised. However, when a hero is compared to a celebrity, it has one main difference: a hero is someone who is liked for who he is and for his real personality, but a celebrity is usually liked for how they act, not for who they really are on the inside.

Dante Alighieri showed his four most important qualities throughout his lifetime. His independence, focus, creativity, and sense of higher purposed helped him create most of his works, and it let him continue working until the end. Through his actions and words he showed the qualities, but through his work he proved them. Dante died in Ravenna in 1321 at the age of 56, but Dante Alighieri s contributions, works, and action showed the people that he was a hero in his own way.


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