New Names Have Been Essay Research Paper

New Names Have Been Essay, Research Paper

Some of you may know that new names have been released, but we would like to keep them the same, because of the new ones low quality. If you have any objections, e-mail me.

New Bark (Wakaba) Town Part I

Right before the game starts, you’ll set the internal clock. You should set it to what time it is in the real world. You’ll start out in your room again. Go downstairs and talk to your mom. She’ll give you your Pokegear. Then go to the local professor’s lab, his name is Professor Utsugi. After he finishes lecturing you, you get to choose one of three Pokemon on the table. On the left is Chikorita, a grass Pokemon, the one in the middle is Hinoarashi, a fire Pokemon. And the one on the right is Waninoko, a water Pokemon. Once you choose, leave New Bark Town and start looking for Pokemon.

Mr. Pokemon (Professor Oak)

Once you leave Wakaba Town, you’ll soon find Yoshino City. Just take Route 29 West. Their’s not much there, but talk to the guy right at the entrance of the city. He will show you around the town and give you a map card for your Pokegear. After that, go up through the northern exit and take either path north, they both lead to Mr. Pokemon. He and his assistant will talk, and give you an egg. You can probably guess what happens to the egg. Then he’ll give you a new Pokedex. After that when you leave the house, Prof. Utsugi will call you and tell you to come back to Wakaba Town, and that’s there’s been an emergency.

New Bark (Wakaba) Town Part II

When you get back to Wakaba Town, go straight to Prof. Utsugi. The big emergency is one of Prof. Utsugi’s Pokemon was stolen. You’ll face the person who stole the Pokemon, you’ll name her, and then if you beat her, you’ll get the Pokemon back. Give it back to Utsugi, and he’ll thank you. When you’re leaving, talk to the scientist at the bottom and he’ll give you five Pokeballs. Once you leave the city, a man will want to show you how to use Pokeballs. Sound familiar?

Violet (Kickyou) City

Ah, Kickyou City, how inviting. Kickyou or Violet City hosts the first gym in the game. The trainer running the gyms name is Hayato. She has two Pokemon, a Pidgey at level 7, and a Pidgeyotto at level 9. Beat her to get TM31, which is 900 Yen and the Wing Badge. It allows you to use FLASH at anytime. Now, go to the north side of the city and enter the tower, Bellsprout Tower. You find several monks, who have Bellsprouts and sometimes Ho-Ho. Then at the top your rival, we’ll call him Bubba, defeats a monk and runs off. Defeat the monk and he’ll give you HM05, FLASH. The monk has two level 7 Bellsprouts, and one level 10 Ho-Ho.

After you have defeated the main monk and Hayato, the gym leader, go to the Kickyou City PokeCenter. But most importantly, you must only have 5 Pokemon in your backpack at the time. Then, talk to the scientist in the PokeCenter and he will give you an egg. After a certain amount of steps, the egg will hatch into Togepi. Then, after the egg hatches, go to the southeastern part of the town and down a walkway, the guard will let you through. If you don’t have Togepi, he won’t let you through.

Annon Caves

Go west and enter the Annon Caves. When you first go inside, you’ll have to put together a puzzle. When you put the puzzle together, it will look like Kabuto. There are different shapes, and you have to put them all together. They are Hohou, Aerodactyl and Omanyte. Anyway, after you put together the Kabuto puzzle, you will fall through the floor and into the cave full of Annons. An Annon is a Pokemon, and it comes in many different shapes. But the Pokedex reads each Annon as an Annon, no different. But, you can get an Annondex. You get that by putting together the other three puzzles of the Pokemon, and going out of the cave and talking to the man. He will upgrade your Pokedex to include an Annondex. Go out the other end of the cave to get to Route 32.

Route 32

Once you exit, you’ll find a much needed PokeCenter. Heal your Pokemon and talk to the Fishing Guru, he’ll give you the Old Fishing Rod. Then go into Lapras Cave. Click here for the map of Lapras Cave. You can catch Lapras in the cave on Friday nights. Then head through the tunnel on Route 32.

Azalea (Hiwanda) Town

Once you leave the tunnel, you’ll see a well being guarded by, you guessed it, Team Rocket. They have captured all the Slowpokes in Azalea Town. They are blocking the well and the Hiwanda City Gym. First, talk to the man inside the house above the gym. He’ll move the Team Rocket member guarding the well. The you have to beat the Team Rocket member guarding the gym. (Their might be another one in the town somewhere.) Then the gym will open. His name is Tsukushi. He has a Level 14 Metapod and Kakuna, and a Level 16 Scyther. When you beat him, you’ll get 1600 Yen, TM49, and the Insect Badge, which makes all Pokemon up to Level 30 obey you. When you beat him, be sure and stop at the PokeCenter, because as you leave Hiwanda Town, you’ll meet your Rival once again. He has a Level 12 Gastly, a Level 14 Zubat, and the Pokemon he got at the beginning, which will be evolved and at Level 16.

Ilex (Ubame) Forest

Ubame Forest holds two machines, HM01 and TM02. To get HM01, walk into the forest and soon you’ll see a man next to a cut-able bush. Go past him until you find a bird in plain sight. Chase it until you get to another man. Talk to him and he’ll give you CUT, HM01. A new feature in Gold/Silver allows you to press A while in front of a cut-able bush, which will cut down the bush. This only works when you have a Pokemon with CUT in your lineup. Further in the forest, you’ll find another man standing next to a little fence, talk to him and he’ll give you TM02. The exit stands behind a cut-able bush.

Breeding Center

For more information on this section, go to the

Goldenrod (Kogane) City

This city is a lot like Celadon City, huge department store, game corner, radio station, big buildings, stuff like that. Now, the gym leader. Her name is Akane. The good thing about this gym leader and the trainers is that they all use normal Pokemon. One of the trainers uses three Jigglypuff, and the others use them assortedly. So be sure to stop by the PokeCenter and bring back your Pokemon. The gym leader has two Pokemon, a level 18 Clefairy, and a level 20 Mirutanku. Once you beat her, she’ll give you 2000 Yen and TM45. To get the badge, you must talk to her after you beat her, then talk to the trainer right below her, and then talk to her again. Then she will give you the Regular Badge. After you beat Akane, go to the radio station in Goldenrod City. At the far end of the counter there will be a lady sitting there. Talk to her and she’ll give you a quiz. Answer yes, yes, yes, no, yes. She will then give you a radio for your PokeGear. You may wonder around the radio station, but you can’t go into some rooms, after you beat the Rockets in Choju Town, and come back to Kogane City, you can go inside. I mentioned earlier that there was a game corner. Like before, you must have a coin case. To get this, find one of the two Kogane City buildings that have connecting tunnels. There will be trainers inside, but you’re looking for a Pokeball. You’ll also find a blue door that’s locked, click here to go the section Kogane City section and it says there how to get inside. Anyway, inside the Pokeball is the coin case. Now go gamble. One more important thing to do is go to the bike shop. No voucher is needed, just talk to the owner and he’ll hook you up with a free bike. Now go back to the gym and their should be a house next to it. Go inside and talk to the girl. She will give you water that you sprinkle on a tree (I’m not sure where) and it will turn into a Pokemon. Their’s only one, so be ready to catch it.

Route 26

From the house go directly right and you’ll come upon a fat guy. He’ll give you TM08, which is Rock Breaker. The name describes what it does.

Ecruteak (Enjyu) City

First things first, as always, heal your Pokemon at the PokeCenter. And if you don’t have a Kadabra, don’t even think about going into the gym, but you probably won’t find a Kadabra, so forget that idea. Inside the gym are four trainers and the gym leader, Matsuba. It’s a ghost floor son it’s pretty hard to get across, but I’ll help you out. In the two possible spaces to start out, go to the one on the left. Go up one pace and there’s the first trainer. Then go right until you can’t go right any farther. Then go up until you’re at the next trainer. Then hang a left, then once you’re stopped by the invisible wall, go up to the next trainer. Go right and then up at the end of the right-going path, and you’re at the last trainer. After you beat her, it would be smart to go back to the PokeCenter and heal your Pokemon. Then go back into the gym and to the last trainer. Go left one-two paces, then up to the gym leader. Matsuba has four Ghost Pokemon. A level 21 Gastly, level 21 Haunter, level 25 Gengar, and a level 23 Haunter. If or when you win, you’ll get 2300 Yen, TM30 and the Phantom Badge. That makes all Pokemon up to level 50 obey you. Now go into the house directly above the PokeCenter. Inside are five dancing daughters, and a man with a hat. Each daughter has one of the Eevee evolutions. Defeat all five of them, then talk to the man with the hat and he’ll give you HM03, Surf. Go back to the PokeCenter and then into the tower. You’ll immediately fight your Rival. He’s not too tough, but after you beat him, be sure and have plenty of balls to catch new Pokemon. Also, you need to teach TM08, Rock Breaker, to a Pokemon. Fight the first trainer and you can fall down the hole in the floor. Then go up to the stone statues and press A, they will then awake and run away. These are the three legendary dogs. It is very rare, but you may find one of them later down the road. They are Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Now exit the tower and go west to find new wild Pokemon, like Snubble and then south to Asagi City.

Oilvine (Asagi) City

First go to the gym. It’s okay, the gym leader’s not there. But your Rival is, but you don’t face him. Talk to him or her and he’ll tell you it’s empty. Now leave the gym and go to the house on the left of the PokeCenter. Inside, there


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