John Lennon College Essay Essay Research Paper

John Lennon: College Essay Essay, Research Paper

Pioneer for love, sloganeer of peace, trendsetter for music, househusband, band- leader, class-clown, artist, composer, lyricist, hero. The list goes on and on to describe John Winston Ono Lennon; the world?s most influential character from the world?s most influential ?rock? band. I am asked with whom I would most like to have dinner, and my reply is, of course, John Lennon. This John Lennon character would be the ideal person to meet because he has had a defining influence in my life, and also the lives of many ?musicians? by whom I am also influenced and enchanted.

The essay question presented assumes that dinner would be the appropriate setting for this meeting. I?d like, if I may, to customize the scenario to fit the unique personalities of both myself and John Lennon. I?m not trying to insinuate that we are remotely similar in style, or even worldly status, but in desire. The situation would have to involve more than just a casual dining. It would also involve the sharing of our hearts, spirits, and talents. If I had a choice for where to ?dine,? the setting would be in a dimly lit, cozy, carpet-covered recording studio. We would be sitting on a lumpy little couch, playing acoustic guitars, and having a musician-on-the-run meal; pizza.

The topics of conversation wouldn?t have to be those of deep concern; world hunger, war, or political corruption, but rather topics of simple pleasures, passed times, and the future of ourselves and our loved ones. The meeting would be more like the reunion of two friends, opposed to the feeling someone might encounter when meeting a stranger. The music and fellowship would continue deep into the quiet night.

I wouldn?t ask for an autograph or word of encouragement. I wouldn?t ask him to give me something by which to remember him. Just those few hours with him would be enough. The memories and many album covers and books that have found their way to the security of my bedroom would remind me of the blessed day that I met John Lennon, and of his remarkable life.

-Michael Ginese-

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