Hydrotherapy Essay Research Paper There are many

Hydrotherapy Essay, Research Paper

There are many alternative methods of health care available today. People that are disappointed with medical or surgical health care are turning to alternative methods to help themselves. Some alternative methods are positive through, acupuncture, therapeutic touch and hydrotherapy. These methods are used for several different reasons such as to reat chronic pain, reduce anxiety and stimulate healing.

Hydrotherapy is an external application of water to the human body for therapeutic purposes. Hot water helps muscles to relax. Therefore, it reduces pain and improves circulation. Cold water lowers the bodies temperture so it reduces blood circulation, increases muscle tone and reduces swelling after an injury and reduces muscular pain.

A patient who is weak and finds it hard to move an injured limb without aid maybe able to perform a full range of movements in a hydrotherapy pool. Polio victims and paraplegics may get great benefit form this form of physical therapy. It is easier for these people to move in water. Muscles only need to exert only a fraction of their normal effort to maintain a normal body posture in the water.

Hydrotherapy is generally available as part of a spa therapy and has evolved into a separate form of treatment. Contemporary hydrotherapy pools are small, shallow, heated swimming pools. Some are circular and use jets to make the water swirl around. The water is usually chlorinated. Amoung the most popular is those in which the waters of natural springs are used. Thousands of people suffering from a wided variety of ailments frequent mineral baths in search of the cures attributed to local waters and muds. Although, physicians generally doubt that mineral water has any more healing power than regular water.

To become a hydrotherapist you can take classes at a college especially for hydrotherapy, such as Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Also taking jobs or volunteer jobs at clinics, is a good idea.

In conclusion, there are several types of alternative methods of health care available for use. One of them is Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is good for muscle relaxation, reducing pain, and improving circulation. Also, it increases muscle tone, reduces swelling after injury and reduces muscular pain. In addition, alternative methods of health care are becoming more and more popular, and job outlook for this career is excellent.

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