Red Sails To Capri Essay Research Paper

Red Sails To Capri Essay, Research Paper

The book that I am currently reading is called Red Sails to Capri, written by Ann Weil. This book was awarded the Newberry Honor. The main character in this book is named Michele Pagano (Mee-shell) (Pa-gan-o). Michele is fourteen years old. He lives at home with his parents, Signor Pagano and Signora Pagano, on the mountain-island of Capri. His friends in the book include a man named Angelo (An-jel-o), who is forty, and his friend Pietro (Pea-trow), who is about Michele s age.

One of Michele s character traits is that he gets easily excited. In the beginning of the book Michele and his friend Angelo are in a harbor. Michele spots a boat and gets really excited. The boat that Michele spots is not an ordinary boat, but it is a sailboat with big red sails. There are three people on the boat. Angelo said that they were most likely visitors because they had a lot of luggage with them. There are not usually visitors at that time of the year and this also excited Michele. Michele s parents own an inn. Michele goes to find his parents to tell them about the visitors. After he tells his parents about the men, they open up and clean out three rooms for them. While Michele was gone, Angelo told the three visitors to stay at Michele s parent s inn. The men agree to stay at the inn.

Another character trait of Michele s is that he is helpful. In the morning the men who stayed at the inn needed assistance. Michele had plans to go to Naples with Pietro. He was looking forward to it. However, Michele decided to skip his trip. Instead he stayed to help and serve the three strange men. Michele wanted to make sure that these visitors stayed at the inn and not go to another one. He knew that his parents needed the money and this would help them.

As I said before, Michele is a helpful boy. He was concerned about helping his parents as well as the visitors at the inn. Michele is also a boy who gets easily excited when something out of the ordinary happens.


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