Speak To The Hand By Lakita Garth

?Speak To The Hand? By Lakita Garth Essay, Research Paper

Our group chose ?Speak To The Hand? by Lakita Garth. This song talks about the health

risks of casual sex, and sexual encounters. We chose it because of it?s positive message

and the good results that would take place in the event this concept would be heeded. We

also chose it because of it?s rapid, up beat tempo that stimulates movement, which is an

excellent way to keep fit.

First of all, the message that is being exhibited is that abstinence should be

exercised, no sex is the safest sex and that excuses will not protect you from reality. It

presents all the defenses employed such as, dysfunctional family, no will power, been

incarcerated, peer pressure, it?s only their ?job?, they needed the money, they ?were going

to get married eventually?, it?s ?their body it?s their choice? and even that ?whatever

happens, happens?. ?Speak To The Hand? lets you know that excuses are not O.K., and

says that ?If you know who you are and what you are supposed to do then you wouldn?t

continue to do what you do?. It urges listeners to ?seek and find?, ?to not let their eyes go

blind? and to ?not let the wrong things influence their minds?. Examples of this would be

sexually stimulating movies, ads, friends, television programs, magazines, music or

dressing provocatively.

Many bad aftereffects can be produced by chance intimate relationships. Among

these are unwanted pregnancy, spread of disease, virus or infection or mental damages.

The most irrepressible effect is the chance of disease. The many afflictions that you leave

yourself open for are innumerable. An example of this would be, Acquired Immune

Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, that eventually would deteriorate your immune system.

Also, there?s Herpes that causes sores on the genitals, Chlamydia which causes pain while

urinating and severe lower abdominal pain or Gonorrhea which causes pelvic

inflammatory disease.

Another reason this song was chosen was because of it?s accelerated tempo. A

rapid beat, accompanied by a positive message influences mood which is a fundamental

piece of holistic health. It motivates you to move by dance, which is an excellent form of

exercise. Exercise speeds the rate oxygen reaches the bloodstream, which causes clearer,

faster more efficient thinking, makes you feel and look more healthy and even increases

your mood.

In conclusion, ?Speak To The Hand? by Lakita Garth is a positive and enriching

song that although teaches right from wrong, does so in a non-preaching and

non-lecturing manner. It is a outstanding way to reach people and educate them on the

dangers and trouble that may result from unplanned and out-of-wedlock sexual



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