Compare And Contrast Oedious And Mike Tyson

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Oedipus and Mike Tyson, the former heavy weight champion of the world, are similar in how their anger led to their destruction. In Oedipus? case, his flaw annihilated him to the point of no return. In Mike Tyson?s case, he becomes physically and mentally unable to perform in the ring.

It is obvious that Oedipus is a classical tragic hero due to his tragic flaw of anger. Anger is a type of word that people are petrified of and it also leads to a disaster in many different forms. In Oedipus? life, anger is displaced in his juvenile actions and that affects his ability to lead his people to a state worth leading. He shows his anger in many different ways such as accusing Creon and Teiresias of harshly plotting against him. ?Not so! My will is death not banishment. Even though Creon wanted nothing to do with the thrown or the power behind it. In his eyes he had the perfect job, all the people loved him and he could do pretty much anything he wanted. Due to intolerable temper Oedipus? road rage, without knowing it, caused him to lose everything he held dear to his heart. After he found out his prophecy about killing his parents, he immediately took off. On his way to Teiresias, he met the beginning of his destiny where the three roads meet. He unconsciously killed his father, who already was the king of Teiresias. Oedipus? road rage is related to his anger and the reader knows through the quote, ?But I when one lead the horse jostled me, struck him in anger this the old man saw, and, from the car watching for me to pass?? that his anger took over in that situation. His arrogance also was a part of his flaw. When he came into the office, the messenger was so frightened of the secret he held inside, that he knew his life would be taken from him, if the secret would be revealed. With Oedipus?s anger and his arrogance, it shows how his flaw controls the outcome of this life.

Mike Tyson is the perfect example of a modern day classical tragic hero. His name nearly defines the words. Similar to Oedipus, Mike Tyson?s anger led to the destruction of his hopes and dreams. Prior to these tragedies, many people admired and respected Mike?s ability in the ring. He conducted himself in a way that made people feel proud. . Oedipus? relationship with the people of Thebes was identical to Mike Tyson?s relationship with his fans. The people of Thebes loved his hospitality and sense of warmth. These qualities vanished from the people when his flaws overtook his better qualities. Hostility is clearly supported by Mike Tyson?s road rage, self-mutilation and furious temper. His outrageous behavior was clearly shown on August 25, 1999,when he brutally attacked two men who accidentally crashed into his vehicle. You can see through their actions that the two characters are similar in many ways. In prison Mike Tyson was so depressed he got tattoos all over his body, some may even call that self-mutilation. Just like Oedipus did when he blinded himself from the truth. He literally stabbed himself in the eyes so he could no longer see. A few years before Mike became a pro, a man pushed him from behind and not knowing which man hit him, he swung and hit the wrong man. Comparable to Oedipus? situation when he tried to accuse Creon of plotting against him. Mike Tyson?s ignorance is displayed when he insulted a fellow boxer so horribly that it will never be forgotten. ?I will eat Lennox Lewis?s children.? He may never gain the respect of his audience, especially the female gender because of this conduct inside and outside the ring. Oedipus may never be appreciated by his people like he once was.

Anger affected the outcome of both Oedipus and Mike Tyson?s lives. If these incidents did not occur, Oedipus would have been one of the most regarded characters in literature. If anger did not control Mike Tyson?s life, he would have been one of the century?s greatest boxers. If both of these characters dealt with their flaws in different and mature ways, the outcome would have been so different. They would have been heroes instead of foes.





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