Roswell Essay Research Paper More than 50

Roswell Essay, Research Paper

More than 50 years ago an event occurred that permanently changed the way many Americans feel about the government. In July of 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, strange wreckage was found. The first press release, issued by Colonel William Blanchard, identified the material as a “crashed alien disk”. Hours later, a press release was issued from General Roger Ramey’s office, claiming the wreckage was merely a weather balloon and that Colonel Blanchard had somehow made a very large mistake in identifying it. Due to the contrasting stories and the very weak cover up performed by the government, many people refused to believe it was in fact a weather balloon that crashed on that day 51 years ago. In the minds of many, it was an alien UFO that crashed that in Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell Army Airfield was the home of the 509th Bomb Group. These people were an elite outfit; the only atomic group in the world. The idea that Colonel Blanchard could have confused a crashed weather balloon with a UFO inconceivable. It is totally preposterous. A man of his caliber would not have made a statement so ridiculous sounding if it had not been true. Of the two press releases made that day, one of them had to be true. Those who knew Blanchard all said the same thing: if he said it was a crashed disk, it was- he would not make a fool out of himself.

General Thomas Dubose testified before his death in 1992 that he had taken a phone call from General Clements McMullen at Andrews Army Airfield, who ordered the cover up. He was told that General Ramey should come up with a cover story to get the press off their backs. Thus they did so– coming up with the weather balloon story that the government attempts to maintain as true.

Glenn Dennis was a mortician with a contract with Roswell Army Airfield. He received several phone calls on the availability of small, hermetically sealed caskets, and was asked questions about how to preserve bodies that had been exposed to the elements for several days. Later he met with a nurse who had been working at Roswell, and she described what had been going on, nearly in shock. She was able to describe horrible smells, mangled inhuman bodies, and also drew a picture of them. A few days later she was transferred to England.

There are many more accounts from credible witnesses on the incidents at Roswell. The person who discovered the wreckage, Mac Brazil, was sworn to secrecy and never even spoke about Roswell with his family. In his campaign, Jimmy Carter said that he would make any information about UFOs that was classified open to the public. Strangely, once in office, he never again mentioned it. Witnesses were threatened with death if they ever spoke out about Roswell. A government who had nothing to hide would not treat its people so.

It is time for the truth to be made public. An executive order requiring all classified files on the Roswell incident to be made declassified would be greatly appreciated by all. In the era we are in, it would not cause mass hysteria if it were true that an alien disk had in fact crashed. We, as informed and intelligent United States citizens, deserve to know the truth.


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