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Mr Murder Essay Essay Research Paper MR

Mr Murder Essay Essay, Research Paper


For everyone life is filled with mystery, suspense and facing the unknown. In Dean Koontz s book Mr. Murder he does just those things for the main character in the book. He helps us understand that those kinds if things can happen to us.

Firstly Dean Koontz uses mystery in the main character s life. In the beginning we find out that the main character losses consciousness for seven minutes and does not remember at all what happen except for the lines I need, I need, I need, I need, pg. 7 on his tape recorder. This is very mysterical to the reader and for the main character because he has no idea what happened to him and neither does the reader. There is also the part of the stranger how is a mystery to everyone. This is a man how does what he is programed to do what he is told. You have no idea who he is and where he from, but all we know is that he looks just like the main character. Which is a mystery and asks the questions how? In the book there is a part that says, Daddy wasn t Daddy. He had Daddy s blue eyes, Daddy s dark brown hair, he sounded like Daddy; he was a dead-ringer for the Martin Stillwater pictured on the dust jackets of his books, pg.12. Which mean that when the main character’s daughters were to see him they would think he was there father. It is also a mystery that you don t really know if the stranger was the real Martin Stillwater or if he was just his twin. There is a story that the main character wrote for his daughters entitled Santa s Evil Twin. This is very weird to the reader because the story is somewhat based on what happens to the main character and his family, and that the main character doesn t realize the connection until the end.

Also there is suspense in the book and that is when we find out that the stranger will not leave the main character and his family alone until he got his life back for the main character. Everyone goes throw some kind of suspense in life from the suspense of what they are getting for their birthday or for Christmas, but there are so many kinds of suspenseful things we go through in life. Mr. Murder is the kind of suspense book that keeps you wanting to read the book again because you want to find out what is going to happen next. There is a lot of suspense when the stranger breaks into the main character s house and goes into the girls room and finds that one of the girls (Charlotte) has pets. He decides that if he is going to be their father he is going to discipline her and the way to do that is to kill all her pets, then says to him self One day Charlotte will understand. And be grateful. Eventually she will love me, pg. 97. The main character and his family have to go through hell before they are finally able to get their lives back on track.

Finally there is facing the unknown. The main character has to go through that all through course of the book, facing things that they are unable to control. The main character has to go various numbers of tests to find out what is causing the black outs but the tests show that he is just under a lot of stress. Also the real identity of the stranger who wants to supposedly get his life back, but doesn t succeed and we find out that he is the long lost twin of the main character, who has come back to claim what is his. Sometimes in life we have to face this that are unknown to us.

In conclusion life is truly made up of mystery, suspense and facing the unknown. It doesn t matter that these things are able to happen in books it is also able to happen to us in real life, because our life is nothing but a mystery, filled with suspense and the unknown.