Native Son By Bigger Essay Research Paper

Native Son By Bigger Essay, Research Paper

Native Son Essay

In Native Son Bigger struggles against authority. The authority is the white people.

Bigger wants to have the same power as blacks. In the movie? The Heat? Stephen

Moore played by Sean Lewis is the main charectar or protagonist. The authority is the

leader of a gang that Stephen feels he should be the leader of. Both protagonists become

powerful in their minds after committing murders and both feel that they deserve more

because of their struggles.

When Bigger kills Mary and Bessie he feels like he has more powerful. In ? The

Heat? Stephen is a 20 year old gang member who has been in the gang for under a year.

Steel is the leader of the gang who has been a gang member for over ten years. Steel

has a lot of power and connections on the street and in his gang. When Stephen kills three

rival gang members he feels like he has more power and influence than Steel amongst his

fellow gang members. There is tension in the movie between Stephen and Steel the

gang leader as the other gang members talk about ?a change in the guard? in the gang.

Stephen and Bigger have some things in common. Both live in the bad part of

town, and both don?t get along with their parents. But both live in very different times. Back

then blacks weren?t respected or accepted, But over the years things changed and now

blacks are accepted in society. When both men commit murder they feel more powerful.

Both want to become more powerful and feel that violence is the answer. And both

murders are the most important thing that has ever happened to both bigger and Stephen.

Steel is the authority in ? The Heat ? and the white society is the authority in ?Native

Son? . Both have more power than the protagonists. The white society keep the blacks

from being equal from them. Much like Steel does with the rest of the gang. For example,

the whites make the blacks live in bad conditions while they live in nice houses with cars.

Steel keeps the other gang members in line and doesn?t let them become to powerful.

For example, when a member of the gang stands up to Steel in front of the other guys he

is shot and killed in front of them to set an example.

During a run in with a rival gang Stephen murders three of the members he earns

respect from the other gang members and has thoughts of taking over as leader. Stephen

becomes more and more full of himself and gets the other guys to buy into his ideas of him

taking over as leader of the gang. Once word gets to Steel about his plans, there is a

confrontation between Steel and Stephan. There was a huge fight between them which

led to the death of both men. In Native Son the outcome was similar with Bigger dying and

paying for his crimes. And in both cases they become to full of them selves and end up



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