Tess Of The DUrbervilles By Thomas Hardy

Tess Of The D?Urbervilles By Thomas Hardy Essay, Research Paper

??Well it?s true. Throw up your chin

a moment, so that I may catch the profile of your face better. Yes,

that?s the d?Urberville nose and chin–a little debased. Your ancestor

was one of the twelve knights who assisted the Lord of Estremavilla in

Normandy in his conquest of Glamorganshire. Branches of your family

held manors over all this part of England; their names appear in the pipe

rolls in the time of King Stephen. In the reign of King John one

of them was rich enough to give a manor to the Knights Hospitallers; …

In short,? concluded the parson, decisively smacking his leg with his switch,

?there?s hardly such another family in England.?? This is where the

parson tells Durbeyfield of his great heritage causing him to search for

help in other d?Urbervilles. Although the parson regrets telling

Durbeyfield this news, the tone in which he said it show that he was trying

to cheer Durbeyfield up.

?Let me put one little kiss on those holmberry

lips, Tess, or even on that warmed cheek, and I?ll stop–on my honour,

I will!? Alec says this to Tess while driving her to his house.

He drives too fast for Tess and says he?ll slow down if she?ll give him

a kiss. This shows his low character and foreshadows the future pains

he will give her.

??O Tess, forgiveness does not apply to

the case! You were one person; now you are another. My God–how

can forgiveness meet such a grotesque–prestidigitation as that!??

Angel says this to Tess after they revealed their sins to one another.

He displays his hypocrisy here. While he committed a similar crime

(worse in my opinion) of having an affair, he will not forgive Tess of

being raped while she wholeheartedly forgives him.

??What is it Angel?? she said, starting

up. ?Have they come for me? … It is as it should be…. Angel,

I am almost glad–yes, glad! This happiness could not have lasted.

It was too much. I have had enough; and now I shall not live for

you to despise me! … I am ready.? Tess says this to Angel after

finding the soldiers who had come to arrest her. This statements

shows that she is ready to go and knows the gravity of her murder.

She knew before that incident that she could not live happy after committing

such a crime and knew that she had to face the consequences. She

died at peace knowing that she was made right with Angel.


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