Big Friendly Giant Essay Research Paper The

Big Friendly Giant Essay, Research Paper

The BFG Beginning: My book is about a Big Friendly Giant (BFG) who goes around

every night in different towns and blows dreams, that he captures, into little

boy?s and girl?s rooms. No one has ever seen the BFG, except one night when

he went to England where a young girl, named Sophie, lived. On that night she

couldn?t get to sleep. It was about midnight, (in the story they call it the

witching hour,) and Sophie was curious and wanted to know what happened outside

so she peeped out her window. When she looked out her window, she saw the BFG

and the BFG saw her. He didn?t want Sophie to go tell every one what she saw,

so he swooped her up and carried her off to where he lived, Giant Country.

Development: In Giant Country the BFG explained everything that happened and why

he had to take her with him. She was very curious about every thing that the BFG

did. He told her what he did and it wasn?t very exciting, except for the part

that the BFG goes to a special place sometimes and that is where he collected

all his dreams to blow to boys and girls. He also said that sometimes to make a

dream more interesting he would mix different dreams together. Also if he got a

bad dream (nightmare) he would keep it in his jar and never let it free to haunt

a child. In Giant Country the BFG wasn?t the only one. There were nine other

giants that were ten times taller than the BFG who was only 24 feet high. These

giants were man-eating giants, not dream blowing giants. Every night the nine

giants would gallop off to one place and gobble up people from their beds or off

the streets. Climax: Sophie, who was very scared of the giants, wanted to put an

end to what these harsh giants did. She asked the BFG to mix a dream about nine

mean giants and about a friendly giant and a little girl. She figured that if he

mixed a dream that was true and blew it to the Queen of England, then she would

be able to stop the giants. In the dream they mixed, they put that a little girl

would be sitting on her windowsill and she would bring the Queen to the BFG. The

BFG would bring the Queen and her army to Giant Country, and there they would

capture the nine harsh giants. Resolution: All that was just a dream and that

was what the Queen thought until she saw a little girl sitting on her

windowsill. Everything that happened in the dream did happen and the nine giants

were tied up with rope and carried away with nine helicopters. They were carried

to England where the Queen had 4,000 diggers dig a hole 500 feet deep and 400

feet across. The nine giants were dropped in the hole, for that was there new

home. Then the BFG was rewarded and so were Sophie and all of the men in the

army. From then on every one lived happily ever after! (Except for the nine

captured giants.)


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