Evangaline Essay Research Paper Pain and LoveIn

Evangaline Essay, Research Paper

Pain and Love

In life love and pain are always connected. This is also true in Evangeline. Many things can cause love and pain. Separation and death are the main and obvious things that have love and pain. Devotion to one person can also cause love and pain in your heart and in the relationship. Last, people s actions and words cause love and pain between people.

Separation and death are a great demonstration of love and pain. he had become to her heart as one is dead, not absent . Evangeline was missing her betrothal and thought of Gabriel as dead because she couldn t stand the pain of their separation. Gabriel! O my love! and died away in the silence , explains the pain Gabriel’s death caused. Also she felt as if his spirit was there instead of his whole body. Their love caused pain and was especially evident when Gabriel died. In the real world, many people are separated because their job places them in other places than their love ones. They are in love but separated which causes them pain and anguish. When people die people weep because they are feeling pain because the person the loved is now gone.

Devotion because of a love for a person can also cause pain in someone s heart. Let me remain with thee for my soul is sad and afflicted , means she wanted to be with him because her soul was in pain. Her love was devoted to Gabriel and causing pain and anguish in her heart. In the real world devotion can cause a lot of pain. When a person is in love another person and yet they don t want to give up friends and possessions for that person. But you do this because you love this person even though it causes you pain.

Someone s actions and words can also demonstrate an example of love and pain together. Evangeline loved Gabriel greatly and yet Gabriel wasn t looking for Evangeline. I believe this had to hurt Evangeline. If someone were pursuing someone for their whole life because they love that person and yet the person isn t looking for them would really hurt. In the real world there is a lot of love and pain connected by actions and words. Many people these days don t understand what people mean when they say something. People say something and the other person doesn t understand it and mis-interpret what they say. Some people in the real world also may over react to what another person does or says even though they don t mean for it to be taken so deeply.

I think love and pain are connected. This is present in Evangeline and also in the real world. Love and pain are connected in separation, death, love, and devotion. These all tie love and pain together in relationships.


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