US Geloogical Essay Research Paper The US

U.S Geloogical Essay, Research Paper

The US Geological Survey is an agency of the U.S. Department of

the Interior, it was established in 1879. It is responsible for

interpreting and mapping the geology, hydrology, and topography of

the United States and its territories and for investigating and

appraising mineral, energy, and water resources. The agency

investigates a wide range natural hazards. It performs scientific

research and publishes the results of its studies.

The value of the USGS to the Nation is in its ability to carry out

studies on a national scale and to do long-term monitoring and

assessment of natural resources. The diversity of scientific knowledge

enables the USGS to carry out large-scale, multi-level investigations

that give us detailed information about the Earth.

The USGS has 10,000 scientists, technicians and support staff

located in nearly 400 offices in every State and in several foreign

countries. It has a budget of more than $1 billion dollars a year. Field

investigations, direct observations of natural science processes and

phenomena, and monitoring and data collection at the local scale are

the base of the USGS.

Natural hazards are a big national concern. The USGS main

purpose is to provide the science needed to reduce the loss of life and

property they can cause. The USGS deals with natural hazards like

earthquakes , volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, droughts,

coastal storms, wildfires, And fish and wildlife diseases . USGS

science assesses where natural hazards may occur and what the risks

are to the people who live there. Long-term monitoring of natural

hazards gives scientiststhe ability to detect and report hazards in real


The USGS works closley with Federal, State, and local agencies

to assist in emergency response efforts when disaster strikes. USGS

science provides information needed by the public to understand the

hazards that may exist in their community and to help decrease loss

and damage when they occur.


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