Value Of Environmental Agencies Essay Research Paper

Value Of Environmental Agencies Essay, Research Paper

Value of Environmental Agencies

In current times man has become so consumed with weapons and money that the

planet has been neglected. With something so typical and now common as chopping

down the rainforest to produce trees for mass abundance of political paper and

land to graze more cattle this thoughtless destruction, disturbs all aspects of

the environment. This is business as usual. The lands being destroyed are the

most unique and diverse lands in the world. Chris Park Senior lecturer in the

Department of Geographer at Lancaster University states, ?The available

statistics are impressive and… the rainforest’s claim to fame as the richest

ecological zone on earth?(26). In order to efficiently restore and protect the

damaged land, animals, and people environmental agencies’ must be valued.

By destroying the forest, we are creating an open-door policy for

disease. For example, the S.Amerindians have long adopted to endemic disease

and have prevented them, in large part, by their adaptation to conditions of

life over the 20,000 years they have inhabited the tropical forest. With the

lumber companies invading these towns and villages, their western germs are

exposing isolated, once-contained people. Kathlyn Gay, author of Rainforests of

the World, mentions, ?Indigenous people in many countries have died because of

contact with outsiders-usually whites of northern European extraction-who have

brought contagious diseases, ranging from measles to influenza, and sexually

transmitted disease?(20). With the importance of the land resources comes the

ever significance of the atmosphere. The atmosphere’s most predictive component

is the ozone layer. The distribution of the forests and multiplying of grazing

cattle are causes immense damage to the ozone. John Nichol, head of Worldfest

90′ production and marketing, alludes, ?In Brazil and other countries in South

and Central America the smoke from fires burning the jungle is sometimes so

thick that great palls of it drift for miles(140). These smoke clouds are

affecting the weather patterns. ?Weather patterns are changing too, and the

consensus of informed opinion is that this too is a direct result of destruction

of the forest?(Nichol 136). The slashing and burning of the Amazon forest is

causing carbon monoxide build-up, promising severe damage to our security

blanket of the ozone. This damage and the critically harsh and uncharacteristic

weather pattern is slowly erasing some of our animals.

The animals are the most diverse and ecologically sound species on this

planet. They are not only being destroyed but exterminated. Many ecologist,

say that such a species’ loss has not occurred since the dinosaurs became

extinct 65 million years ago. Why is this so? The last drastic species loss

occurred when glaciers melted. Although converted waves of extinction have

certainly occurred in paleolithic past, current and future losses will be so

exponential that the implications are chilling. Average extinction ?background

rate? has a range of 2.0 and 4.6 families/species per million years and may rise

to 19.3 during periods of mass extinction. The most complex and immense species

that will not be present for much longer are insects. ?The recent

overburgeoning numbers of crop-destructive insects have been shown to be caused

at least in part by a decrease in the country’s population of insect eating

birds,? advises, Arnold Newman the author of Tropical Rainforest (135). A

terrific example is the leaf cutter or parasol ants that are seen in the

neotropical forests. These ants climb trees that are only indigenous to

rainforest and cut out dime-sized pieces of leaves and flowers with their sharp

mandibles. The leaves and flowers of these trees are the main and only food for

these species of ants. And with the elimination of the forest will come the

elimination of the leaf cutter ants. ?All forms of life within the rainforest

are highly interdependent, so that even small changes in habitat or species can

have serious knock on effects throughout the ecosystem?(Newman 19). This

disturbance of the food cycle is wickedly important. In general, the food cycle

literally goes from the ground up, plants being the primary producers. The

plants are eaten by herbivores and grazers and the carnivores eat both

herbivores and themselves(carnivores) when the forests are destroyed along with

the animals of all sizes huge gaps in the food cycle are vacant. This is a ?

serious concern in recent years over stability and very survival of some

rainforests which are threatened with irreversible change if not wholesale

clearance?(Park 19). There mast be a way in which we can preserve nature. ?A

common and effective approach to protecting nature in many countries has been to

designate particular areas as national parks or nature reserves, and restrict

land use changes or damaging activities within the designated areas?(Park 132).

Many people in the world do not want to see the rainforest disappear; as a

result , reserves are set up. In 1990 there were roughly 560 tropical forest

parks and reserves covering a total of 780,000 km squared and accounting for

about 4 per cent of all tropical forest.

When the forest people are taken from their homeland and put somewhere

else they do not know how to change. ?They are being pushed to the edge of

extinction, and public sympathies are swinging in their direction?(Park 105).

The modern world is so crazy to think the forest people can make such a drastic

change. The forest people loss their culture because they can not bring their

forests resources into the modern world. Displacement happens from taking away

of land which the forest people use to support themselves. It is almost

impossible to think that they can change their lifestyle and experiences and

start all over. Families in the United States have a difficult time moving from

state to state in most cases.

Everything in the jungle was fine until money-hungry man wanted to make

even more money and ruin everyone’s lives. Everyone should just leave the

jungle alone to live in peace and harmony. If all the people of the world work

together then maybe we can help save the land, animals, and people.


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