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Divx Definition Essay Research Paper Definition Paper

Divx Definition Essay, Research Paper

Definition Paper Those of us who have taken part in television viewing over the past few weeks probably have heard the word Divx used in countless Circuit City commercials. Although we ve been subjected to hearing this word used repeatedly many of us misunderstand the meaning of it. There are also a number of us that have made false assumptions about Divx. The word Divx is an acronym for Digital Video Express. Divx is an enhancement to a DVD player. To understand what Divx is you must first know what DVD (Digital Video Disc) is. A DVD player uses digital technology to play audio and video discs that are the same size as compact discs. A DVD player s primary use now is for home movie viewing. Sine the audio and video signals are transported digitally the picture and sound is far better that any VCR is able to produce. The discs will always have the exact same picture and sound quality if minor care is taken when handling them. Divx offers freedom. For $4.49 a Divx owner can purchase any Divx movie. This price includes a two-day viewing period much like a video rental. The advantage of Divx though is that the two-day viewing period doesn t actually start until the first time the movie is watched. Then once you put the movie in the player you have two days to watch it as many times as you want. At the end of the two-day viewing period you don t have to worry about rushing it back to a video store. Since you own it you can do whatever you want with it. Divx is flexible. After the initial two day viewing period has been used up there are a few different options you have. You can watch it for another two days for $3.25. You can also pay a one-time fee of $15-20, which would make the disc able to play anytime with no charges.

Divx is convenient. Once a Divx disc is purchased you never have to worry about returning it to a video store or paying a late fee. Even if you would like to watch the movie again all you have to do is simply put the movie in your player and press play. There are no telephone numbers to dial like pay-per-view. Your billing information is stored inside the Divx player. The player is hooked up to your preexisting phone line. Once a month the player automatically calls out to a billing center and downloads any charges that you may have incurred. The billing center then puts those charges on a credit card or debit card. Divx gives you availability. Since Divx movies are actually purchased rather that rented retailers can buy bulk amounts of movies that they know will be big hits. Also since the Divx enhancement is becoming so popular many place such as Seven-Eleven and Meijers are possibly going to start carrying the Divx movies. Divx is quality. Since Divx movies are in the digital format the quality of the movies is unsurpassed. Divx gives you a picture that is as twice as clear than any VCR. Comparing the sound between the two is much like comparing a tape player to a compact disc player. With all the features that Divx offers it should only be a matter of time until the VCR is only used for recording.