Rap Essay Research Paper The music rap

Rap Essay, Research Paper

The music rap only a decade and a haft old , finally notice by

the world in 1990 as real music had has its real downfall with

violence and corruption that surounds this new kind of music.

Its gotten so bad 1/20 people that listen to rap has

run into the law that been influence by listening to music.That

in order to stop all this violence that involves rap we must

learn to understand were their coming from why the offending

lyrics. 2 years ago a rapper named Ice Cube(O’shea Jackson)

sang at a concert where he had to take violence towards a korean

This started a riot after his concert,that resulted in a dozen of

burned korean shops. This was a big misunderstanding, so is

peoples view on rap music. What we must do is get to the heart

of the problem.

SEX, HOMICIDE, MONEY, these are some controversial things

rappers must rap about to get “Mad loot” (money). Its bad

enough we grew up in a era where the slightiest thing could upset

any one,like teaching masturbation in public schools or teaching

about the creation of the world in christian point of view. We,

the society are trying the screen everything, to protect are

children from being harm. But its harm we are inflecting on are

soon to be leaders of the world,for example tring to banned sex

education from the schools,screening the TV from harmful life

scaring scenes of nudity,music being edited because of the used

of the word “NIGGER” “BITCH” “JEW” “HOE” etc. Now rap singers are

just telling stories about drug dealing, getting beat up by

police officers,gangland slaying. Poeple don’t like them

,because they give people ideas or we just can’t admit how bad

society is becoming. Shaking are head looking the other way

saying this is not hapening right now. Stories that scare the

hell out of people. Rappers rap about situation that happen to

them in some point of their lives. Lots of rap music performers

grew up in poverty,were violence surrounded them,were violence

was the solution to the problem. Rap performer just sing about

songs with message that not all people live perfect lives with

perfect familys. Some rap singers are actually grateful for

getting off the streets , and doing something with their lives.

Some don’t even get off the streets, do you know that little kids

go around the corner and see the local dopeman with foreign

cars,women swarming all over them, and cash flooding from their

pocket,then the kid goes home and see their mother\father comming

home from work with a couple bucks in their hand. Now tell what

do you think the kid is going to decide what he’s going to do for

a living?. The problem isn’t about the language its about


Rappers must also stay out of trouble so they would not scar they

reputation. Rap is already a controversial music, it just makes

it worst when haft them are out there commiting. Snoop Doggy

Dogg faces life in prison on conspiracy murder charges,the grammy

winning Snoop had he’s many run ins with the laws.March

1993,Tupac Shakur was arrested for assaulting

Menace II Society director Allen Hughes after an argument in

L.A.Seven months later, Shakur arrested accused of

shooting two off-duty officers in Atlanta.Police charge Shakur

and two members of his entourage with sexually assaulting a 20

year old woman. Police found a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun and

nearly haft gram of marijiuana, when they pull over 2pac for

speeding. Rappers out there are commiting crimes not realizing

that that lots of kids out their are loking up to them as role

models. Did you know that %20 percent of the population in North

America listen to rap, so thats a big number of people that rap

performmer are responsible for. Many rappers talk about streets

life, but lots of rapppers are out there trying to make the big

bucks. These rappers sing music about violence and corruption

because they know thats what sells around here. And big music

companys don’t really care what rappers singing about, as long it

brings big bucks to them. Presidential candidate Bob Dole, Rep-

Kan ,and other critics lauched a crusade to stop Time Warner from

selling “Violence and sex degrading rap music”. After that time

Warner sold %50 percent of Interscope to MCA for $200 million

dollars. William J.Benette said instead of banning rap, their

are trying stop major companys to stop distrubuting rap and other

things like movies and talk shows.

It was NWA then, and Dogg Pound now their music sang about

hate, and police brutality. When people listen to this kind of

music there would usually be violence that surrounded it. Ronald

Ray Howard, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1992

murder of officer Bill Davidson, said that a tape of Shakur’s

2PACALYPSE NOW was baring from his car stereo when he loaded his

9mm pistol and pulled the trigger. The music was so pump to the

max with gunshots and police sirens that he was so hyped up. At

the moment of the shooting, he was listening Tupac Shakur songs

Crooked Ass Nigga,which descibes a drug dealer on a rampage with

9mm pistol:

Comin” quickly up the streets is the punk ass police’s

The first one jumped out and said,”freeze”

I popped him in his knees, and I shouted,”Punk,please!”

Ice Cube provoked public outrage nearly two year ago with songs

that called for killing of a jewish business man (Jerry Heller

former NWA manager) and threatened arson against korean

grocers.Singing about violence towards white must stop,lots of

rappers have some sort of problems over white people. But what

they did’nt know that 64% percent hard core rap is purchased by

white people. Sgt. Ron Stallworth, a Salt lake City gang cop,

who paid little attention to rap music until he noticed

that”quote,unquote good clean white mormon kids” were begining to

emulate the black gang symbolism depicted in many recording.

Some critics say that rap music are not street wise

reporters,but cynical minstrels catering to a white audience’s

appetit for outlaw fantasies . What can we do about? I don’t

think we could do that much its up to them to explain what their

singing about. Maybe we can get more interviews on MTV so we

could learn more about rap singers and their music. But since we

live in Canadas its hard to bring rap performers on since Much

Music is dedicated to rock, and alternative music. We can even

bring them to schools to talk to kids about very confusing

subject in lives,like sex and gang violence. Lots of people look

up to rap performers, and when they see them take time to talk

to kids of about important subjets it would change their whole

views on sex,drugs, and violence.

In conclusion we should widen are knowledge on rap performers by

having more interviews with them instead of watching shows like

Beavis & Butthead. Don’t get me wrong Beavis & Butthead is a good

show but I think putting it on twice a day weakens are mentality

on thinking . And since we live in Canada , it would be even

harder to get stuff that focus on rap , since Muchmusic

dedicates to rock and alternative music which is totally

difference from are US brothers whice is dedicate to rap , dance

,R&B , and cool dating shows. Maybe be my next essay should be on

how come they don’t play that much rap, and R&B on Muchmusic.

Back on subject now , I think rappers in order to get supports

must obbey to law ,since we lived in a world today full of

controversial towards rap, this would do nothing to help the


Lyrics provided by http://www.public.iastate.edu/^…us/dr_dre/rm_bside


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