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Abortion 2 Essay, Research Paper


I have decided to write an essay about abortion. Abortion is an important issue to me. I feel that it is, in fact, murder to kill a baby no matter what trimester he or she is in. I will explain three ways that I feel will cut or even stop this huge problem, deemed abortion. I will explain three alternative solutions, rather than abortion, that would indefinitely help to resolve this twenty-seven year old conflict, such as, abstinence, the adoption option, and having more social awareness of this problem. But, first I will need to give some background information on how this controversy came about.

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision divided America over abortion. Most women s groups support the decision, but among the opponents are often conservative Christian groups that feel abortion is a mass genocide. Each side has taken their view of this issue to the streets. They express their views by marching on Washington D.C., making demonstrations at political conventions, blocking the entrances to some women s health-care clinics where the abortions are performed, and even bombing the clinics where these horrible acts take place. Some supporters argue that a woman has the right to choose abortion because she has the right to control her life and her body. This point of view is known as Pro-Choice. The opposition argues that a fetus is a human being and has rights under law. Their view is that abortion is murder and they argue for the “right to life” for the unborn. This point of view is known as Pro-Life.

Norma McCorvey, a citizen of Texas, wanted to have an abortion, but Texas State law made abortion illegal. So, suing under the name of Jane Roe, she claimed that the state of Texas violated her right to privacy. The state argued that abortion is murder and there was a state interest in protecting the unborn child s life. So, they took it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, voting seven to two, ruled that states could not prohibit abortions in the first “trimester”, or three months, of a woman s pregnancy. The High Court also limited abortion restrictions in the second trimester. The Supreme Court justices wrote that, in their view, abortion is an issue of privacy protected by the United States Constitution. They ruled that a fetus is not a person protected by the fourteenth amendment to the United States Constitution, and that the amendment protects a woman from state interference in her decision to have a child or have an abortion. However, they asserted that the right to an abortion is not absolute. The state may regulate the right for health reasons after the first trimester. After the second trimester, the state may ban abortion in cases where the woman s health is not in danger.

So, with that all said and done what are some other ways to limit or prevent abortions? Well, the simplest way to prevent abortions is for people to refrain from having sex until they are responsible enough for the after effect of possibly becoming pregnant. People nowadays don t think about the consequence of their actions. Most of the time they live for the now. I myself am grouped among these people. Now, I have decided to make a change in my life I have decided to speak my mind, and try to instill in others the correct moral values that I have been taught by my parents and from my church.

Another alternative to abortion is the adoption option. It is not as simple as abstinence, but it is a much more acceptable solution than having an abortion. By putting the newborn up for adoption, the mother will not have the burden of her killing her child for the rest of her life. And, she might even brighten up another family s life by giving them a baby that they themselves cannot make. Also, after a mother gives birth to a child they feel a bond that cannot be felt by any other being on earth. And, maybe the look in the child s eyes will persuade her to rethink her stance on abortions. I feel that if people went to church, and took what they were taught more seriously, then there would be fewer problems in this world, such as abortion.

I feel that there has been a major decline, in recent years, in social awareness. People now are scared to talk about abortions and their point of view on them to their peers. Granted a lot of people speak out, either for or against them, many people do not make it a point to let other people know what they think about important issues. I also feel that if the Church and State would come together, like our forefathers had intended, then there would be a lot less controversy over these such things. And, our world would be a better place to live.

My stance, personally, on abortion is Pro-Life. I have even attended some conferences, and marches to learn more about abortions and how they make people feel. At one such meeting last spring I heard a guest speaker. It was a woman who had had an abortion, and it ruined her life. She felt that she had murdered her child and that she couldn t live with herself. She was so ashamed that she talked behind a screen, and even disguised her voice so as not to be identified. Many Pro-Lifers do not think about the

consequences inflicted on those that have abortions. This is another reason why social awareness should be raised, and more should be known about this deadly practice. Millions of babies are killed each year in the United States alone. And, this needs to be stopped someway or somehow. We just need to get together and fight it, and pray.


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