Rorsachach Ink Blot Test Essay Research Paper

Rorsachach Ink Blot Test Essay, Research Paper

Rorsachach Ink Blot Test

The Rorschach inkblot test is a psychological projective test of personality in which a subjects interpretations of ten standard abstract designs are analyzed as measure of emotional and intellectual functioning and integration. The test was named after Hermann Rorschach a Swiss psychiatrist who lived from 1884-1922. He developed the inkblots, but he did not use them for personality analysis.

In 1921 the very first edition of the Rorschach inkblot test, was published by Ernest Bircher. The test appeared under the name of Psychodiagnostik. Hans Huber was an employee with Ernest Bircher and it turned out that Dr. Rorschach and Hans Huber spent many sessions together perfecting the construction and the actual printing.

The test consists of 10 cards. 5 of these cards are black and white. The other 5 cards are in color. (There is an example on page 3 of the Rorschach inkblot test.) The person being tested is asked what they see in the inkblot. Their answers are then recorded, and when all 10 cards are finished the psychologist repeats the process with the same 10 cards again, inquiring about the past responses of the subject. If the subject being tested said they saw a butterfly, the first time then the psychologist may ask, where on this card did you see a butterfly or what makes it look like a butterfly. Besides making notations of the responses the psychologist also notes the mannerisms of the subject while they answer the questions. With these responses the psychologist ?in theory? should be able to figure out the personality of the subject.

Although, the test seems to be very useful in personality assessment some research psychologists think otherwise. They believe from a scientific perspective, that the reliability and validity of these tests aren?t very high. They say that if the test was truly reliable then two other scorers should agree on characteristics of the personality of a person. They also believe that if this test is truly valid the psychologists should be able to figure out who in the future will attempt to commit suicide or become extremely depressed. They believe the Rorschach inkblot test doesn?t meet the criteria for a reliable and valid test.

Despite the critics of this test some psychologists strongly believe in the Rorschach inkblot test and use it in clinical situations certain psychologists believe it to be the best way at getting to the ?underlying core? of human personality. The low reliability and validity of this do not bother them. The wide range of answers possible, causes this low rate but they believe that the freedom of answers makes it useful in assessing a personality.

The controversy of whether or not the Rorschach inkblot test is a truly useful tool of personality assessment and at this time it is being used all over in clinics. It is extremely helpful even though there is controversy many psychologist strongly believe in it. Until this test is proved to be useless psychologists will continue to use this tool to help assess a personality.


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