Butterfly Revolution Essay Research Paper Dear Mom

Butterfly Revolution Essay, Research Paper

Dear Mom and Dad,

This camp you sent me to is so crazy! I was really starting to like it at first. I had

a lot of fun playing the games and meeting the people. Everyone excepted me for who I

was. Even some of the older kids liked me! The fact that I am smart and like to read

books helped me connect with the older boys.

Because of my intelligence I was made captain for many events. First of all I was

voted the leader of my cabin. I had to make many rules up to keep us in order. Also, I

was the captain of my team during our competitive game of capture the flag. I felt so

special. Being me though, of course I would mess up and make a fool of myself. I was

playing great! I ran all the way to the other team’s side and grabbed their flag and headed

straight for the woods to get back to my side. As I was running, I looked back and then

ran straight into a tree. I fell right over and became unconscious. That was my first time

ever visiting the nurse. I didn’t even know we had one!

Things seemed to be going great, until one day we had to catch butterflies so we

could examine them. The older boys hated this idea. As they sat around talking about

this they decided to have a revolution and revolt against the camp counselors. We

created a “butterfly revolution.” They elected Frank Reilley and Stanly Runk as the

leaders. They captured Mr. Warran and all the counselors and put them in the Brig. (A

detention center, which kind of felt and looked like a jail.) They also captured the Lower

Pines counselors and put them in the girls’ detention center. After all the adults were put

away, Frank named people’s ranks. I was the chairman of the propaganda committee and

kept working my way up until I was known as Major Weyn.

A lot of people were added into the Brig. First John Mason was put in there for

raping a girl. The girl wanted him to be murdered and he was kept in the Brig so he

could go on trial later on. Shortly after, two more boys were added in there. One of them

was my friend, Don Egriss. He was caught trying to sneak out of the camp. I, myself,

was put in the Brig but was let out after a day. It was a big misunderstanding, but I liked

it in there better. After I was let out I heard Don Egriss killed John Mason. By the end of

this horrible revolution three people were killed. John Mason, Don Egriss, and Mr.

Warran were the unlucky ones. It was just awful!

Everything got way out of hand! No one was supposed to get hurt, it was said in

the very beginning of the revolution. Frank just gained too much power and went out of

control and now he?s in jail. I am too, but hopefully you all will be coming soon to get

me out! I hope your not mad at me, but when I get home I’ll tell you everything that

happened in detail. I can’t wait to be home!

Love, Winston


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