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Life Essay, Research Paper


The End

Death hurts the soul

It comes at the end of the road

It starts on full

But soon turns to empty

It comes quicker then we would like

But our lives comes equipped with that hike.


Problems are miles long and rivers wide

But God only knows there is nowhere to hide

For problems are with you everyday

And from these there is no hideaway


Sick and heartbroken

There are problems growing around me like wildflowers

Ready to pull me into the cold dark earth with their roots

I don?t know where to turn

My problems are the wildflowers which surround me at all times

Where, where should I go

Somebody help me.


Sun and rain

Mixtures of happiness and sorrow

For the sun is bright and the rain is dark

But both are natures ways which,

could change peoples feelings from day to day.


Kids laughing and playing

Unaware of the sorrows in the world

Drugs, alcohol, death, and killings

The children are so innocent

As if they are closed in a clear bubble

Why do these precious children have to

grow up in a world of hate and anger?

If only this world could change,

before the children grow old.


Broken bottles and spilt beer

Scared to go home which use to be my safety

Being hit an abused

Leaves me to shake in the corner

Why did he have to turn out like this.

Wrong Way

Yesterday he was here

Today he is gone

Why couldn?t I stop it

Now I don?t have a second chance

I saw what was happening,

but I didn?t want to admit it

I heard it over and over,

but I felt ashamed

I wish I could turn back the hands of time.


Crimes come a dime a dozen to the world,

but to me it?s like finding gold.

A life without materialism

A life without natural necessities

This is a life which I have grow to know

It?s a shame people don?t recognize others

All they care about and see is themselves.


Sometimes I feel lonely

Lonely because I want more

More love, more attention, more motivation

Motivation from parents, friends, and family

I want to know how it feels to be loved

Loved like people in movies

Looked out for like a new born baby,

and noticed like a shooting star.

But then i ask myself, Why?

Why would I want this?

The pain in which we suffer makes us

Makes us who we are and who we want to BE!

My Life

Why do I sometimes feel like not going on

is it because of love

is it because of fear

is it because of others

is it because of me

Sometimes life doesn?t seem to be that great

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I hear?

But then I realize this is my life.

This is something that I control

This is my chance to do whatever I want

This is my chance to live.

And that is when I realize nothing matters

Not what people think of me

Not what people have to say

Not anyone?s opinion but mine

I will be happy, sad, mean, or nice

I will be who I want to BE

I will be the one and only ME!

These poems are written from personal experiences. They don?t all have to do with me, some deal with people that are a close part of my life. I enjoy writing poetry. It is a way in which I am able to release tension, pain, anger , and feelings. I have kept a collection of poems for about a year now. When I sit down to write I feel eased and relaxed. This is something I do to find myself and express my feelings. Writing poetry is my own special retreat. It is a time to escape from everyone and everything. I wrote earlier this year in a paper that poetry is a hobby of mine. I feel that writing is a great escape from problems in your life. This is something I enjoy and will always enjoy.

these works were written by me. They are poems about the life in which I live.


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