Comparing Chracter Traits With Odysseus From The

Odyessey And Pip From Great Expectations Essay, Research Paper

1.Thesis: Pip and Odysseus? personalities are evident in more than one aspect. Our hero, Odysseus, not only shows bravery, but also tells lies for a purpose as Pip does too. Pip?s early childhood was spent in an honest moral atmosphere. With the entrance into his new life of outside influences he becomes ashamed of what he is and ambitious to change.

2.Main Idea 1: Pip and Odysseus tell lies for a purpose.


1.He is depicted as a good-natured thoughtful child; and is frightened by the appearance of a convict who makes Pip promise him food and a file. Pip does so, robbing the pantry of Mrs. Joe. When Pip has his first encounter with the criminal Magwich, he cannot confess his thefts and deceptions for fear of losing Joe?s confidence and his fear that his confession would lead to Joe becoming a forever lost companion and friend.

2.This carries over when he is introduced to the world of Miss Havisham and Estella. He is confused and frightened by her personage and her home, but is too intimidated to speak the truth to his family, who assumes she is wealthy; everything bout her must be wonderful and interesting. He is overtaken by penitence and confesses his deception.

3. After his first visit with Mrs. Havisham and Estella he does not care for work at the forge as much as he had thought he would. Pip?s desire to become a gentleman grows on him and he tells Joe?s housekeeper, Biddy about it. Pip cannot reveal his true expectations to Joe in fear of loosing him; therefore, he kept quiet and acted around Joe as if all was well.


1.Odysseus can trick a Cyclops and a goddess, such as Circe.

2.He can shoot a bigger and stronger bow than his rivals. (Penelope promised to marry the man who could bend her husband?s great bow. None of the suitors could do this but Odysseus, who had returned disguised as a beggar. With the aid of the strung bow, Odysseus slaughtered the suitors and then revealed himself to Penelope)

3. Main Idea 2: Compared to Pip, many tragedies befall Odysseus but his bravery is always strong. Pip is discovered the ultimate value of human relationships over the attractions of wealth and prosperity.


1.Pip seems friendly, cheerful, generous, and above average intelligence. Pip is a normal basically likeable human being through the experiences involved in Great Expectations. Because of Pip we can so see readily in him our own weaknesses and those of every human. He is not a hero as one fighting off monsters, but a lesson for common people to live their lives more satisfied and that any of the aristocracy that condescended to reading about the rise and fall of a commoner would see themselves in a new light.

2. Pip is ashamed of his of what he is and ambitious to change. His shame of being common eats away at his regard to Joe. A hero is not depicted as Pip; however, Pip is a symbol of man?s redeeming qualities and weaknesses. He has grown in understanding of himself and others. He has developed into a man who can love rather than selfish desires. He can give as well as receive.


1.The greatest proof of Odysseus being a true hero was his strength and ability. During the war he showed his smarts. He devised the wooden horse plan, where a bunch of solders packed into a huge wooden horse and were brought into the city of Troy then came out during the night and burned and attacked the people and the city.

2.Penelope held the contest to win her hand. The contest was as simple as; whoever could string Odysseus? bow and shoot the arrow through 12 ax heads would be Penelope?s husband. Penelope knew Odysseus was the only person who could perform such a feat. This event showed how strong Odysseus was.

3.After the contest when Odysseus made his presence clear he has the courage and strength to give the suitors 4 reasons to die. He tells them you took my house, you took my maids, you tried to take my wife, and you disrespected the gods. It took guts to say that after being gone for 20 years. He shows his strength and heroism by proceeding


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