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Arthurian Romance Essay, Research Paper

Arthurian Romance

Arthurian romance has been changed over and over again throughout the years in order to keep up with the audience of the moment. Throughout history Arthurian romance was and still is being used in many different forms. The Celtic s Arthurian romance was much different from that of the French. You can see the difference in many of the pieces of literature written such as Le Morte D Arthur, and First Knight. Throughout this essay I will try and describe the change in Arthurian romance.

Arthurian romance is consistently being changed to fit the audience of the time period. For example the First Knight has been made into a movie to fit today s society. The reason for the change is so that we can understand and keep are attention on the piece of literature. Without the modern Arthurian romance we would not understand or accept the old Celtic and French versions. The changes made usually correlate with the time period it is being viewed by but with a touch of the original format. Some of the changes that are most commonly seen are language, description, and interest of the audience of the moment.

The difference between the Celtic, French, and English form of Arthurian romance is easily seen through the literature. The Celtic form of Arthurian romance is known to be more bloody and gory as seen in Excalibur. The French used a lot more romance in there works for example First Knight has an enormous amount of romance in it. English fell somewhere in-between they had both the romantic touches and gory scenes but they were much more descriptive than the Celtics and French were. Le Morte D Arthur is a great example of the description that was used with the romance and blood.

The story line tends to change as well as the language and description. In the French version of the First Knight Lancelot is the main character versus the Celtic version. The reason for these types of changes is to keep up the reader s interest. For each time period there is a different story line so that the every audience can relate to the tale in some way.

Throughout this essay I tried to describe the difference and change of Arthurian romance. The difference of time periods and the different cultures brought about the change that we see in the Arthurian romance we read and watch today. Arthurian romance will always being changed to meet the expectations, taste, and interest of its audience of the moment.


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