Poetry And Love Essay Research Paper I

Poetry And Love Essay, Research Paper

I never believed that life could be so strange. Now, I am sure that there is no stranger than life. I never believed in love, at least on Hollywood style. Now, I am living a love story. I know it sounds contradictory, but I fell in love with a man whom I never met. I fell in love with a man on the Internet. I am against love, especially cyber love, but I can?t stop myself from loving him. Another strange thing that happened to me is although I am a graduate of a faculty of Arts, I used to hate poetry. In fact, I couldn?t understand it no matter what. One reason for that is that I wasn?t sensitive enough to feel the emotions carried by the words of the poets. Now, I could call myself a JUNIOR POET. How could this happen? I really don?t know.

I believe that in every person, no matter how insensitive he is, there is a poet. However, the difference between poets and normal people is that poets are able to pour their thoughts and say them out loud by words. Many people don?t have the talent of expressing their ideas. Sometimes, I face this problem too. I feel so hopeless since I have so many things going on in my mind, but I don?t know how to put my feelings into words. When I met my love, he was my inspiration. He is the reason why MY POET got out from the deepest of my soul. I started to write poetry when I fell in love. In my opinion, I think that poetry should only be about emotions, love in particular. I know that many people would disagree with that, but love is a world of emotions. Love is the gate to other emotions, such as happiness, pain, sadness, misery, joy, lust, envy, jealousy, hope, optimism and many other feelings.

MY POET didn?t get out of my soul out of a sudden. Moreover, he likes to stay there for a very long time before he could pay me a visit. MY POET comes out only when I am sad, and when my love is a way. He comes out when I am in a certain mood. He is my soul mate and my friend. I could trust him and tell him about all my dreams and fears. He keeps me company when my love is away. In addition, My POET only writes about sadness, loneliness and misery may be because I tend to be pessimistic.

Finally, poetry for me is a way to express my feelings when I have no one to talk to, or when I feel sad for no reason. Poetry is like the cure for my temper and the painkiller for my rage. If it were not for poetry, I would?ve been mad long time ago. I have so many feelings I want to share with my love, but because he is away almost all the time, I feel that my heart would break into million pieces if I don?t let the load out, and poetry is the only way.


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