Charlemagne S Appreciation Of Essay Research Paper

Charlemagne S Appreciation Of Essay, Research Paper

Charlemagne s Appreciation of Learning

1. Why was Charlemagne so anxious to raise the educational standards of both the clergy and laity of his empire?

2. Why has Charlemagne been regarded as one of the greatest kings of the Early Middle Ages?

Charlemagne or also called Charles the Great king of the Franks was a strong leader who unified Western Europe through military power and the blessing of the Church. His belief in the need for education among the Frankish people brings about religious, political and educational reforms that would change the history of Europe.

Charlemagne was so anxious to raise the educational standards of both the clergy and laity of his empire because he felt that it was his religious duty so they can understand and could teach the faith to others. It was necessary for the church to play a role in the education of the people because only the clergy were educated. Christian teaching imparts a new sort of knowledge and lay down a new principle of action. He also wanted to raise the educational standards to build up the Western Empire. He believes that the church should be reformed and be reorganized under to help him rise to power. Charlemagne desire to spread the Christian religion was to have the people live according to the word of God. The church played a role in the growth of the kingdom; it gave it a sense of strength. Charlemagne recognized the importance of education not only of spreading it throughout his kingdom, but also of learning for himself the ability to read and write Latin and Greek. His desire for personal knowledge, and to educate the people read him to found the church as his home. Charlemagne stressed the importance of education for everyone.

Charlemagne was regarded as one of the greatest kings of the Early Middle Ages, because he united the Christian lands of Western Europe and firmly established the power of the church. His motivation to practice religious and to have his whole empire follow him. He ruled the state as well as the church. He worked on developing a new political body. He places enormous power and status at the service of Christian doctrine, the teaching of Latin, the copying of books, and the rule of law. For all his important achievement of the empire, setting up schools for training of clergy and laity he was looked upon for that.

Charlemagne was an progressive leader who restored the roots of education and putting order in the Western Europe. His rebuilding of the power of the Pope, the growth of the church. Charlemagne was a king who was wiser than any other leaders of his time, he was so determined and forceful leader who never let nothing stop him once he begun something.


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