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American Culture Essay, Research Paper


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On American Culture

To a typical foreign anthropologist American culture could be seen very competitive and individualistic. While other countries only play 1 or 2 sports throughout their nation, North America is involved in a vast variety of competitive sports. From Basketball to Golf and Tennis, to our treasured past time favorites such as Baseball and Football. To better explain and demonstrate culture to you the researcher I will be taking you to the home of the New York Giants. There?s no place better to show off some typical American culture than at the Meadow Lands.

Upon arriving at the stadium we see an array of dedicated Giant fans waving flags, singing songs, and even having barbeques in the trailers parking lot. If it?s not hotdogs or crab legs up to everyone?s mouth then it?s beer. Every game gets sold out due to the devotion that their fans have. Football is one of the greatest past times and has an enormous history and impact to its fans. Once entering all that?s seen circling the stadium is a mirage of red and blue. Looking down at the field there?s the enormous pep band and forever supportive cheerleaders. Taking a look around the bleachers there?s endless vendors selling hotdogs, crackerjacks, peanuts, and you can never forget the New

Yorker?s favorite ice-cold beer. As the team runs out onto the high maintenance field it?s almost impossible to hear anything but the roar of the crowd. From the corner of our eyes we see the wave starting to form. As it approaches our corner of the field we happily play along and stand up thrusting our hands in the air. Even if you?re not in support of either of the teams playing you can?t help but enjoy yourself in this uplifted environment. The tradition of competitive sports and support of the teams is long and running. One can make his/her way through college by competition. These values are understood even as a child. I could remember my first New York Yankee game at the age of 4. The sport made such an impact on me that it has made me a devoted fan for the past 15 years of my life. Sports have been in full throttle for over 50 years and have built a solid foundation on American culture.


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