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Southern Cyprus Essay, Research Paper

Southern Cyprus as Terrorist State

The most insidious and nefarious partner of terrorism against Turkey is ?Southern Cyprus.?

I will not deal in this work with the EOKA murders directed at the British and the Turkish Cypriots perpetrated by the “Southern Cypriots” striving for the union of the island with Greece, how the Southern Cypriots accommodated the Armenian ASALA organization, and got them to kill the Turkish diplomats. Here I will only disclose the relations of the “Southern Cypriot” administration with the Marxist-Leninist Maoist terrorist organization PKK. The reason why the rulers of “Southern Cyprus” embraced the ASALA and the PKK for 20 years is the hatred of Makarios for the Turkish State and the nation. The fact that same feelings are carried by Karamanlis; Papandreou and similar Greek politicians has seriously endangered the security of the region. In the years following 1974, while the then Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis thoughtlessly and promptly withdrawing. Greece from the military wing of the NATO, Makarios, following a parallel path, was turning Cyprus into a “communist base”.

The policy followed by Karamanlis and Papandreou was the intimidation of the West. Moscow, striving to penetrate into the Eastern Mediterranean and to cause a collapse in the Western Alliance, had sent the agents of all the communist bloc to “Southern Cyprus”. What made “Southern Cyprus” an international terrorism base is that policy.

The number of so called Soviet, Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian “technicians” based in “Southern Cyprus” in 1976 was more than 1000. When 250 Cubans traveling between Syria and “Southern Cyprus” were added, that number was approaching to 1500. The militants of the extreme Middle Eastern Terrorist organizations was not ixicluded in that calculation.

The one who prepared the ground for the operation of ending the influence of NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean was Vassos Lissarides, the Marxist advisor of Makarios.

Lissarides, the founder of the socialist EDEK Party, is the person the ASALA before 1985, and the PKK today, on to the island, who brought to attack Turkish targets.

Lissarides, in speeches he made in the anti-Turkey meetings held in Athens and Paris in 1976 had explicitly said that they were preparing “a new VietNam style War” in order to expel the Turks from the island.

Lissarides played his own game for 40 years on the island and continues to do so. In this period, his connection with certain people has aroused the attention of intelligence organizations. Palestinian, Libyan terrorists and Syrian agents were his advisors.

PKK terrorists and Greek Cypriots live together in Southern Cyprus.

So Greek Cypriots; who share the same feelings with Greece against Turkey, have embraced the PKK terrorist organization militants as part of their policy “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Southern Cyprus is now a PKK base. PKK terrorists march in the streets of Southern Cyprus dressed in their combat fatigues holding Greek and PKK flags, crying out for war against Turkey and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The relations of the Southern Cypriot Greeks with the PKK go beyond street demonstrations. The Turkish Intelligence units have established that the Greek Cypriots send the PKK terrorists to Turkey in order to have them operate there.

The Syrian Intelligence Organization, capitalizing on the inimical feelings of the “Southern Cypriots” with regard to the Turkish people, had succeeded in turning the island into a base of international terrorism, using Lissarides and his Interior Minister Venyamin to that end.

Towards the end of 1970s, Greek, Southern Cypriot, Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish communists and terrorists coming from other countries were being trained by the Cuban, Libyan, Palestinian and Greek officers expelled from the Greek army because of their communist trends, in more than 30 camps in “Southern Cyprus.”

The arms smuggling via “Southern Cyprus” to the PKK and the ASALA terrorist organizations has been unraveled by the Israeli Intelligence Organization “MOSSAD”. Israeli patrolling boats, in a control of the Lebanese coast, had found many Kaleshnikovs and ammunition in the Greek and the “Southern Cypriot” flag ships, and seized them.

Meanwhile, the men of Lissarides and Venyamin were frequently going to Lebanon and Syria and meeting with Macid Sharar, terrorist Abu Nidal and George Habbash, known to be the coordinator of the terrorist actions aiming at Turkey.

In 1983, the activities of the Greece- Southern Cyprus duo had increased considerably. That time the Turkish Intelligence units received information to the effect that the Greek and the “Southern Cypriot” agents had established contact with the Kurdish and Turkish terrorists who escaped to Western Germany, Switzerland and Sweden after committing murders in Turkey, and became “political refugees” in these countries.

The news coming from “Southern Cyprus” confirmed that information. Some 50 terrorists escaped from Turkey after September 12, 1980 had made an agreement with the Greeks and the “Southern Cypriots” for cooperation. That was one of the news received.

Those agreeing with the Greek-Southern Cypriot duo were Alaettin Tas sentenced to 36 years in absentia for the murders and robberies he committed, Mithat Deniz and Ibrahim Ank, each sentenced to 30 years for the same crimes. Hikmet. Cicek, who had taken refugee in Germany presenting himself as the leader of “Kurdistan National Front” was also in that list.

The ones who established the contact were Lissarides and his men. Lissarides has a dark past. In T.W. Adams’ book, “AKEL: The Communist Party of Cyprus”, there are many interesting revelations.

The information given about Lissarides in Adams’ book is as follows:

“Lissarides has established the Cyprus branch of the “Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Committee” (AAPSO). In fact, Makarios desired to establish contact with that organization. However, he was thinking differently from Lissarides who was aim?ng a communist Cyprus. His objective was gaining strength in the Third World countries by using that organization.

“Lissarides is so ruthless that he got his men to kill the secretary-general of AAPSO in a General Assembly in Lefkosa (Nicosia), who was a hindrance for Lissarides to get to the top level posts in the organization since he knew his real face.”

It is known that Lissarides has an armed group which has connections with the terrorist organizations.

The “Southern Cypriot”, press, has published some news in the mid-1980s regarding Lissarides, presenting him as “man of Qadhafi”, disclosing some interesting information about him. For instance, the “Cypro-Libyan” company, based in Lefkosa (Nicosia), was a surrogate organization for laundering of the money given by Lissarides for fostering terrorism. This company at the same time was being used on the account of Libya and Syria for the terrorist actions directed at some European countries and the USA. One of the important activities of the “Cypro-Libyan” company was narcotics trafficking and arms smuggling.

During the first term of the Papandreou government in 1981-1989, Greece was virtually the bridge head and base of international terrorism in Europe. The ministers of Papandreou were so intimate with the bloodiest terrorists as to host them in their homes. For this reason, Greece has attracted the criticism of the world.

Socialist Papandreou, known to be the protector of the terrorists, has dragged “Southern Cyprus”; previously involved in ASALA terrorism, into a new and dangerous adventure in order to distract attention from Greece during his second term of premiership.

Nothing changed for Greece… Papandreou continues to protect terrorists as previously. The only thing changed is that Athens has found a new partner in crime. This partner is “Southern Cyprus”. Greece has turned the southern part of the island into a second terrorism base directed at Turkey.

It is explicitly known and stated who embraced, fostered and made the Marxist-Leninist Cypriot administration reacts to the news regarding that its lands becomes the bases of the PKK with a. bogus sensitivity: “Turks defame us… They create pretenses for invading the whole island…”

On the other side, the TV channels of “Southern Cyprus” explicitly make the propaganda of the PKK, and its press praises extravagantly all what Abdullah Ocalan says…

Theofilos Georgiadis, the Head of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” active in “Southern Cyprus”- was killed in “Southern Lefkosa (Nicosia)”. It is not acceptable that a person, whatever his political confessions are, is killed. However this murder, though it is despicable, brought to light many realities.

In the funeral of Georgiades, which turned into a show of Turkish enmity, hundreds of Kurdish PKK and the Armenian ASALA militants chanted slogans “Revenge.. Revenge” with the “Kurdistan” and, “Armenia” flags in their hands.

The same night the TV channels of “Southern Cyprus”, showing the headquarters of the PKK as source, stated that “PKK took the revenge of Georgiadis, 12 Turkish soldiers were killed today as retaliation.” Whereas during the clashes the same day the Turkish security forces, on the contrary to “Southern Cypriots” claim, had killed 8 PKK terrorists.

Official representatives from Greece participated in the spectacular funeral of Georgiadis. They were the Greek parliamentarians infiltrated Turkey with diplomatic passports, meeting with the PKK militants, and promising the Christian people of “Bozcaada” and “Gokceada” that in the near future these lands will come under the Greek sovereignty.

A representative of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK and the most hated person in Turkey for his brutal crimes, has also participated in this meeting. The representative was neither Kurdish nor a PKK member. He was a retired Greek Admiral.


Admiral NAKSAKIS was the person providing the connection between the Greek administration and the representative of Abdullah Ocalan in Greece. The coordinator of the Greek-PKK relations also participated in the funeral. He was a Greek Lt. General.

His name was Dimitris MATAFLAS.

Greek Admiral NAKSAKIS, representing Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK in the funeral, had said in the Orthodox Church:

“We will continue our struggle until the Turkish State gives its last breath, and Cyprus and Kurdistan obtain their independence, and until we will take the revenge of Georgiadis..”

Meanwhile, the intimate relations of Georgiades with the terrorists of PKK were brought light in the broadcasts of Logos” TV Channel, controlled by the “Southern Cypriot” Orthodox Church. Thanks to these programs, many connections, which had remained in dark until that time were brought into light. For example, that poisoning of coffee of the Chief of the Turkish General Staff and the bomb attacks aimed at Western tourists in Turkey in 1993 and 1994 were planned in “Southern Cyprus”, were disclosed in that way.

Georgiadis was buried with military honors as a “national hero of Hellenism” since he “scratched the wounds of Turks. ” His coffin was covered with Greek and Kurdish flags and he was buried wearing a Greek Officer’s uniform. Georgiadis, one month before he was murdered, has disclosed in an interview in “Logos”, with examples, how the PKK, with the support provided by the “Southern Cypriots”, had opened wounds in Turkey.

The damned…

Hafiz Essad, Abdullah Ocalan, Andreas Papandreou, these three names will be recalled in history. Andreas Papandreou is a psychopath and Abdullah Ocalan is ? bloody murderer. To say the truth, it would be very difficult to find another three men of such harmony. Essad and Papandreou are close to death due to their ill health. Their “murder contractor” Abdullah Ocalan (Apo) is close to a nervous breakdown due to his fear for his life. Whatever their ends may be they will always be damned.

Kurdistan Solidarity Committee And Southern Cyprus

It is known that the “Southern Cypriot” Administration, which has used to cooperate with every power involved in subversive and separatist activities aimed at Turkey, has explicitly embraced the PKK terrorist since 1990 provided it logistic support with the organizations founded under the cover of “human rights”, supporting the murderers through the channels of the “Southern Cypriot” political parties.

In order to organize and direct these activities, the “Southern Cypriot” Information Agency and the Socialist EDEK Party founded an organization named “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” in 1989.

The President of this Committee, on the other hand, became Theofilos Georgiadis, agent of the Greek Intelligence Organization (EIP), but on paper appeared to be a “civil servant” in the “Southern Cypriot” Information Bureau. When we investigate how the “Southern Cypriot” administration embraced the PKK, through which ways it approached it, and how it became its ally against Turkey an interesting picture comes out.

Two PKK militants, named Hoca Huseyin and Akif Hasan whose visit to “Southern Cyprus” before 1990 through various channels was established, had stated in a press meeting organized in the Information Agency that the “Kurdish problem will facilitate the solution to the Cyprus problem”, and the “Southern Cypriot-PKK coordination will bring benefits to both sides.”

Theofilos Georgiadis had stated in a press meeting on February 4 1990 that there were Members of the Greek Parliament among the members of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee.”

Georgiadis in a meeting held by the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” on March 19,1990, had stated regarding the Kurdish movement that they would give full support to the struggle of the Kurdish people.

After the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” was established and became active, the material support of the “Southern Cypriot” administration to the Kurds was provided through different ways:

It had been established that in July 1990, the “Orbit” company belonging to an Armenian in Limasol, had provided weapons to the PKK, and Venyamin that time Interior Minister, had organized these activities, and weapons coming from the third countries had been transferred to Limasol in the container ships belonging to the “Orbit” Company. .

The Corpse of a Greek officer in uniform whose coffin covered with PKK and Greek flags

The status of the funeral ceremony of the leader of “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee “, Theofilos Georgiadis was equivalent of a Greek commander who has gained victory in a war against the Turks The corpse was dressed in the uniform of a Greek officer and the coffin was covered with Greek and PKK flags. PKK militants and EOKA supporters had carried the coffin on their shoulders crying for revenge The photograph above shows the coffin of Theofilos Georgiadis covered with Greek and PKK flags and the EOKA supporters standing in attention at his esteem.

It had also been established in November 1990 that, 135 PKK militants, after being trained in the “Stavrovouni” and “Mahera” camps in “Southern Cyprus” were sent to Turkey via Lebanon and Syria. In these camps, PKK militants and the Armenian and the Southern Cypriot militants were trained together.

A news broadcast in the “RIK-1″, the official TV Channel on November 12, 1990, was to the effect that a group including deputies from the DIKO, AKEL, EDEK and ADISOK parties, had visited the PKK camp in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and met with Abdullah Ocalan. “RIK-1″, the official TV Channel of “Southern Cyprus”, broadcast interesting views regarding that visit. Among these views, the pictures of some of the

“Southern Cypriot” deputies embracing the PKK murderers were interesting.

“RIK -1″ organized a panel discussion on November 30, 1990 about the PKK. The participants were the visitors of the PKK camp in the Bekaa Valley and the members of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee.” The result of the panel discussion was to the effect that the PKK, fighting for a so-called national liberation war, had become and organized army, and the

“Southern Cypriot” administration had to give support, which was necessary for expelling the Turks from the Island of Cyprus, to this struggle. Meanwhile, the PKK members., “Southern Cypriots” and the Armenians had taken to the streets, “Kurdistan”, “Armenia”, and the Greek flags being in their hands.

On February 21, 1991, the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” organized a protest meeting in which such slogans as “Turkey’s violation of Kurds’ rights” were chanted.

On March 2, 1991 a building for the PKK militants based in “Southern Cyprus” was opened. The money needed for its opening was provided by the “Kurdistan National Liberation Front.”

The activities in “Southern Cyprus” directed at fostering the PKK continued with the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” and the socialist EDEK party. The frequent meetings of tl?s organization was headed by Vassos Lissarides, the leader of the EDEK party. This was explicit evidence of by whom the subversive activities of the “Southern Cyprus” directed at Turkey were organized.

The “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” uses the so-called “Liberation War” of the Kurds, perpetrated by Marxist-Leninist Abdullah Ocalan for his selfish ends, as a propaganda weapon. On the ground it prepares, the “Southern Cypriot” people takes to the streets, rioting against Turkey with the Greek and the PKK flags, distributing proclamations, and burning the Turkish flag. The relations of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee” with the PKK, directed at provoking the latter, soon transformed into actions endangering the security of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The Greek Intelligence Organization (EIP) and the “Southern Cypriot” intelligence unit infiltrated the teams to Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus via Syria, Lebanon and Iraq chosen from the PKK militants in the Lavrion camp in Greece in order them to espionage.

The EIP, on the other hand, gave them passports stolen from the Arab tourists visiting Greece, and sent them to Turkey.

Among the PKK militants infiltrated into Turkey for spying on the account of Greece and “Southern Cyprus” there were many young Kurds having the citizenship of Turkey and in the age of military service. They became soldiers, infiltrated into the military, and betrayed their country for nothing. The PKK militants based in “Southern Cyprus” do not refrain from exploiting the feelings in order to gain the sympathy of the “Southern Cypriot” people. In the “Eleftheria” Square of Southern Lefkosa (Nicosia) between April 21-25,1992,190 PKK militants went to a hunger strike: That demonstration, which turned into a fairground organized by the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee”. During the demonstration, aid for the PKK was collected, and “Voice of Kurdistan”, a review published in Greek for anti-Turkish propaganda in Greece, was forcefully sold to the people around the square.

A folklore group from “Southern Cyprus” participated in the “Kurdistan Festival” organized by the PKK in Bochum, Germany, on August 1,1992. Theofilos Georgiadis brought this group to Germany.

The “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee”, using the events in Sirnak, Turkey in August 1992, a month later got the PKK members organize another anti-Turkish demonstration in the “Eleftheria” Square in Southern Lefkosa (Nicosia). During that demonstration, as usual, money was collected from people around under the cover of “humanitarian aid”, and proclamations inviting people to give monetary aid to the PKK to the accounts opened in “Cyprus” and “Laiki” banks in “Southern Cyprus” were distributed. Meanwhile, a representative of ARGK, the military wing of the PKK, secretly went to “Southern Cyprus” and participated in a meeting there which was attended by Vassos Lissarides, the leader of the socialists, and Theofilos Georgiadis, the President of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee”. In that meeting it was decided that sabotage and assassination teams directed at targets regarding Turkey would be organized and they would be trained and instructed in “Southern Cyprus”.

Theofilos Georgiadis had been chosen as the “coordinator” of this operation.

Greek agent Theofilos Georgiadis, who organized the PKK gang in Southern Cyprus so as to get them attack Turkey.

Theofilos Georgiadis, the Greek agent who made the connection between PKK and the Greece Southern Cyprus duo, had sent a division of PKK terrorists based in Southern Cyprus, to Turkey for attacks.

Who was Theofilos Georgiadis?

Besides his presidency of the “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee”, it is definitely known that he has established a special terrorist group operating on the account of the “Southern Cypriots”, constituted from Kurds chosen from the escapees from Turkey who are PKK sympathizers and based in Greece and Syria, to organize attacks in Turkey.

8 militants of the organization, who were trained by the Greek officers of the “National Guard” and who have been organizing attacks on the account of Greece and “Southern Cyprus”, were recently caught in Turkey. They confessed in detail how they were trained in Greece and in “Southern Cyprus.”

Theofilos Georgiadis was killed in March 1994 with five bullets. The “Southern Cypriot” administration attempted to load the responsibility of this murder onto the Turkish intelligence units.

Whereas, the news and comments of the Greek press and the police reports which are tried to be kept secret, reveal that the reality lying behind the murdering of Theofilos Georgiadis is much different than what the Greece Southern Cyprus duo is trying to show.

This duo is trying to deceive the world by claiming that Theofilos Georgiadis was killed by the Turkish Intelligence Organization and using this as a propaganda material against Turkey. Moreover, this issue was used in the European Parliament in order to hinder the acceptance of Turkey in the European Community.

Lomas, European Member of Parliament, who had been deceived by the Greek, had tried hard to keep the issue on the agenda of the Parliament. It is said that Alan Lamassoure, President of the Council of European Community, supported Lomas. The Council had accused Turkey of murdering Theofilos Georgiadis, without supporting the accusation on any evidence, and had published a proclamation, which reproached Turkey. Whereas, as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Turkey had nothing to do in the murdering of Theofilos Georgiadis.

Here’s the truth.

It is a well-known fact that the Marxist-Leninist PKK terrorist organization obtains the financial aid need to buy weapons by selling drugs. Since 1988, Southern Cyprus is a center from where the PKK dispatched its drugs. The reports of Interpol reveal that the Greek Cypriot Mafia, most members of which are ship owners, carry PKK’s drugs, to Europe and America and even do the marketing.

The leader of “Kurdistan Solidarity Committee”, Theofilos Georgiadis, had made the connection between the men of Abdullah Ocalan and the Cypriot Greek Mafia in order to have the drugs of PKK shipped and sold in the west.

So, the drugs, which came to Southern Cyprus from Syria were dispatched to the world. Nevertheless, when the amount of drugs, stored in Southern Cyprus increased, the price for their shipping fell because the drugs had to be shipped soon. This bothered the other Cypriot Greek drug smugglers who were in the same business but who followed different ways. When these smugglers decided to take measures against the PKK, Theofilos Georgiadis claimed war against these smugglers, who wanted to block PKK’s way by activating the Greek and Cypriot Greek Intelligence Organizations, of which he was a member of, and the police.

Well, he paid this with his life.

While Greece and Southern Cypriots claimed that the Turkish Intelligence Organization killed Theofilos Georgiadis and used this as a propaganda material, the Cypriot Greek police in the meantime captured Kipros Aristodimos, whose name was mixed in drug smuggling. Aristodimos who was known with his code name “Thompson” was killed with a single bullet in his mouth shortly after he had been questioned. Who killed him is still in the dark. But the police didn’t seem at all eager to find who killed him and his statement had been vanished. In the meantime, his relatives stated to the press that they knew who killed him and gave information in respect.

A series of murders followed Aristodimos murder. The murdered ones all dealt with drug smuggling. They were Panikos Psaras and Andreas Pumpuris.

“Haravgi” newspaper, publication of the Cypriot Greek Communist Party, wrote on 26 September 1994, that a journalist and a soldier close to Theofilos Georgiadis were mixed in the murder of Aristodimos, Psaras and Pumpuris, in order to take his revenge assuming that they had a finger in the murder of Theofilos Georgiadis. .

It is also claimed that the journalist whose name was mixed in the three murders was Georgiadis’ assistant and employee of “Logos” TV Channel, connected to the Church, who worked in the news division, Georgios Mavros.

It was Lissarides who reacted most to the murder of Georgiadis. He claimed indemnity for the family of Georgiadis with the pretense that he was killed on duty, and asked the “Southern Cypriot” Parliament to use the murder as a propaganda weapon in international fora.

Lissarides participated in a commemoration meeting organized by the PKK militants in Athens for the “60th day of the death of Theofilos Georgiadis”, one week before the assassination of the Turkish diplomat in Athens. He chanted “Revenge… Revenge…” slogans together with the Greeks and the PKK militants in the meeting..

It was a really strange coincidence that the time lag between the Athens visit of Lissarides and the assassination of Sipahioglu, Turkish diplomat, was very short.

The Greek witnesses of the assassination, whom the correspondent of Athens TV met half an hour after the incident, said that: “We saw the murder. The murderers were definitely Kurds, they were dark skinned. They were threatening us with guns, and they were speaking in-Greek words…” Despite such statements, the Greek officials contended that this murder was committed by the ” 17 November” terrorist organization.

Greek officials, calculating that at a time Athens was being accused by Ankara for supporting terrorism, the international attention to the PKK’s murder in Athens would deal a heavy blow to the Greek position on international terrorism, accused the “17 November” organization, which had remained in dark for 20 years.

Greece and “Southern Cyprus” are the accomplices in this murder. The perpetrators are the PKK militants based in “Southern Cyprus” and directed by Lissarides.

The day after the murder the “Southern Cypriot” dailies wrote that Sipahioglu had been killed by “l7 November-Theofilos Georgiadis Revenge Commandos”, and the revenge for Georgiadis’ death had been taken. It was known that the “Theofilos Georgiadis Revenge Commandos”, organization was constituted of the PKK militants based in “Southern Cyprus” and had been constantly preparing for action. However, such an action was not being expected in Athens in the sensitive period of the Turkish-Greek relations.



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