Big And Working Girl Corporate America Essay

Big And Working Girl, Corporate America Essay, Research Paper

Stephen Ferruzza

Professor Housel

March 8, 2000

Essay # 2

Opinions and views that take place in Hollywood movies are intended to be realistic. To the viewer, the plots and stories seem so believable that reality becomes faded and a simulated world becomes present inside their minds. In the movies Big and Working girl, Corporate America is portrayed actually the way it is.

The atmosphere in Corporate America has progressed toward a higher complexity. The education and skills needed to succeed must be met to rise the corporate ladder. Tess strives to better herself by taking speech class and attending seminars. Tess’s knowledge and ambition also gave her the necessary advantage to enter into an esteemed brokerage firm. Here she was left with the desire to reach the top of corporate America(Working Girl). Taking the steps of going to school and acquiring a degree are key to the rise in Corporate America. Josh took a different path to the top. Without proper education, josh relied on his childish ways to succeed. Josh had insight that no one else in corperate America could posses. His creativity led him to design toys that kids liked to play with. Josh knew what the children wanted to play with because he was a customer. Because of his great creativity he was promoted vice president. As vice president in the toy company, josh made valuable contributions to the company.(Big) In both movies, knowledge and skill was key to being successful. Without valuable contributions that both characters made, rising to the top would have taken years.

Greed, scandals, favors, and corruption all take place in Corporate America. At the top of the ladder these evils start. With ultimate power over everyone below, co-workers beg for mercy. People in this world are greedy and will do anything to be powerful and successful. If you are honest, truthful, and work hard then you will be rewarded. The morals and ethics that both Josh and Tess practice made them good choices for promotions. Many things effect promotions including hard work. To rise up depends on the people you know and the way you act. Tess overcame the corruption that surrounding her. She stuck up for her ideas and was free to express her impressing ideas. Tess was told by her boss that only she could make it happen and she did.

Because of greed or favors foul relationships happen within an office. Tess had to deal with her male boss trying to seduce her. Tess, needing a better job, was easy game for powerful executives looking for favors.(Working Girl) Harassment such as these happen numerous times throughout both movies. The truth is that it does happen more than a few times in the workplace. Recently however, new laws have been made to protect from such evilness. Harassment laws and awareness have still not done enough to stop abuse in the workplace because of the desire to get ahead.

All the relationships within the movies are very realistic. Everyone is out to get ahead and however you get there seems fine. The politics that are involved inside the workplace are clearly shown when Tess gets a new female boss. Tess is told to share her ideas and make things happen. But when Tess shares a good idea the boss plans to steal it for her own to make her look good. (Working Girl) Scandals and corruption are common in real life and the movies clearly indicate the truth. Mixing pleasure with business also occurs in Corporate America. Business that happens during social gatherings is present in both movies. The way Tess dresses and acts, is clear that politics are important. Seduction and deception also take place during this event. The movies show everyone shaming and deceiving everybody to get noticed by the boss. Getting ahead in Corporate America takes lots of fakeness. Taking the boss to dinner or out to golf is what can lead to promotions. Getting on the good side of the boss is pointed out in big. When josh makes a bond with the boss at the toy store he immediately got a raise and a new office .(Big) Making good impressions and being a patsy is what it takes to rise up the corporate ladder.

It seems that the goal in life is to have an office with a wooden desk and a window. The only way to get there is to work your way through all the chaos and greed. Success can only take place when you figure out what you want and how to get it. The quest to discover where your life will lead is the true goal. Tess discovers what she wants from life and goes on her quest to get it. She had to make things happen to get what she wanted. Josh did accomplish his quest to find his way back to childhood. Making the right choices and never giving up made the success of the characters realistic and accurate to real life.

Movies have always been made to simulate reality. The truth in the world is shown in movies. Hollywood has a way to capture the truth about life and work. Watching movies can create a new understanding toward life. Josh realized he only wanted to live at a home and get his life simpler. What ever makes you happy is what you should strive for. Tess knew that she would be happy higher up in life. But life is distorted and twisted and people come and go in the game of life. The movies do a good job showing how life really is. The ultimate goal in life is be an executive in a corporation. Success is measured by the size of the window in your office and your paychecks. The movies make this point clear but I know the ultimate goal is true happiness.


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