Society Is Evil Essay Research Paper Humans

Society Is Evil Essay, Research Paper

Humans are both good and evil. I heard somebody say that society makes

you evil, but I don?t agree. Society labels you as evil. Con-artists are at

first seen as good, but if you look deeper they?re evil. For some people who

are retarded or mentally unstable, they could also be seen as evil. But their

only intentions are to bee good. I mean if you just sit down and have a

conversation with somebody from special ed. their just full of love and joy.

Sometimes the simplest things like Star Trek could make one of these

peoples days.

The men in ?One Flew Over the Cuckoo?s Nest? are mentally

unstable and only mean to be good, but other people see them as evil. At

first Jack Nicelson?s character only means good but comes off as evil to the

staff of the ward. All he wants to do is show the men what it?s like to have a

good time, like playing basket ball, escaping and going fishing. All jack?s

character wanted to do is help the men, but instead he ends up getting shock

treatment for the men and himself. Then jack has a party in the ward with

alcohol and girls, but he ends up getting a lobotomy. All of Jacks intentions

were good but they came off as evil.

In ?Of Mice and Men? Lenny only means to be good by playing with

the puppy, but he ends up playing too rough and killing it. Then Lenny is

afraid that George wont let him tend to the rabbits, because Lenny did bad

by killing the puppy (chapter 5). Also when Lenny is in the barn with

Curleys wife, all Lenny wanted is for the girl to be quiet but he ended up

suffocating her. Then Curley and the other men had to track down Lenny

and try to kill him. Because in the men?s eyes Lenny had done evil, but all

he meant was for the girl to be quiet.

In conclusion its not people who are evil its society labeling them as

evil. Just like Kavorkian, he just means good by putting people out of their

misery, but he also ends up being labeled as evil. He might even do life in

prison just for trying to help somebody. I mean that would be like sending

money off to a third world country to help starving children and going to

jail. All you wanted to do is get them out of that situation just like

Kavorkian. I believe that it?s a persons intent that really


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