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Bush Essay Research Paper George W Bush

Bush Essay, Research Paper

George W. Bush

· Taxes: Governor Bush believes that roughly one-quarter of the surplus should be returned to the people who earned it through broad tax cuts otherwise, Washington will spend it. His plan will promote economic growth and increase access to the middle class by cutting high marginal rates. It will also double the child credit, eliminate the death tax, reduce the marriage penalty, and expand Education Savings Accounts and charitable deductions. The largest percentage cuts will go to the lowest income earners. As a result, 6 million families will no longer pay federal income tax.

· Social Security: George W. Bush believes that there should be no reduction in benefits for retirees or near retirees. He calls for dedicating all Social Security money to Social Security. He opposes any tax increase for Social Security Supports making personal retirement accounts part of social security reform and opposes government investment in private stocks or bonds.

· Medicare: George W. Bush wants to strengthen Medicare by providing more choice and more private sector alternatives for the elderly. He also supports offering prescription drug benefit to Medicare recipients through more options and greater choice of plans, as well as supports medical savings accounts as a health insurance option for all Americans. He supports giving patients in federally governed health care plans protections similar to those already enacted in Texas and opposes legislation that would supersede reforms already enacted by states.

· Gun Control: George W. Bush supports requiring instant background checks at gun shows by allowing gun show promoters to access the instant check system on behalf of vendors. He also supports the current ban on automatic weapons as well as voluntary safety locks. He supports automatic detention for kids who commit crimes with guns and encourages stronger enforcement of existing gun laws. He vows to provide more funding for aggressive gun law enforcement programs such as Project Exile in Richmond, Virginia. Finally, he opposes government mandated registration of all guns owned by law abiding citizens.

· Abortion: George W. Bush is Pro life with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. He set the goal that all children should be welcomed in life and protected by law. He also supports restrictions such as parental notification, believes that there should be no use of taxpayer funds for abortion and would propose a ban on partial birth abortion.