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Topic: Should gays or lesbians be allowed to get married?

In the 21st century, the age personal freedom and relative morality, there is no wonder why the homosexuals tried their very best to obtain social recognition, especially the right of homosexual marriage. Human rights and the freedom of choices, as a part of human rights, fortified their grounds. However, what they are demanding for is unreasonable. As a citizen, they already entitle their rights and their sex orientation is being respected in most of the developed country, especially in Hong Kong. However, what the homosexuals asking for is privilege V a recognition from the society that homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Personal preference should be respected in a society, but actually what they are fighting for is trying to force the other members of the society to accept their personal preference. This violated the prerequisites of freedom.

First of all, lets define the meaning of homosexuality. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, homosexuality is having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Homosexuality, as a part of sub-culture of the world, leaved their marks in the history. Oscar Wilde, a famous and award winning author, claimed himself as a gay.

At this time, homosexual marriage is being prohibited all over the world except the Netherlands. In a recent case judged by the US Supreme Court, marriage is defined as a union of a bride and a groom. In this case, homosexual marriage should be regarded as logically inconsistence.

Homosexuals believe they deserve the right to get married that since they think they are an oppressed minority. Let me first define marriage; according to the American Heritage Dictionary, marriage is defined as the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. It does not say the legal union of man and man as husband and husband; nor does it say the legal union of woman and woman as wife and wife. Marriage has a clear definition, a definition that has been around since civilization began. Shy homosexuals trying to redefine the meaning of something so sacred and natural like marriage when there are many other options that offer the same benefits?? (Sullivan 23)

Some homosexuals claim that it is their natural born right to get married as a part of their human rights. However, this should not take into account since, as described above, the homosexuals do have their rights and their sex orientation are being respected. However, if homosexual marriage is being legalized, the society is being forced to accept homosexuality and the society lost their freedom of choices. As the homosexuals claimed, personal freedom should be respected. If we allow the homosexual marriage, the whole society will suffer from the lost of personal freedom of choices towards homosexuality.

In a sociological scope of view, the key value of the family is reproduction and socializing their offspring. Sociologist placed high praise to the family due to the family is the core member of a society. Marriage is the key to family stability, which in turn is the key to a stable society. However, if homosexual-marriage is allowed, it will prevent and bastardize the significance of marriage. In an essay printed by Common Sense Now, the author basically argues that children need a normal mother and father type of structure so that parents of opposite sexes properly nurture them? (Gamson 29) This ensures a more natural upbringing. Since homosexual means same sex, the results of this type of upbringing for a child may prove more detrimental than good. I believe that since the beginning of time, marriage has always been saved for a man and a woman and it should stay that way.

Several homosexual activist claim that a homosexual family can bring up their offspring as good as heterosexual family or even better, the homosexual family cannot bring up a good and healthy children is only a misconception of the majority. However, the empirical evidence proofed that family breakdown feeds a host of social pathologies. It is the single most reliable predictor of school problems, teen pregnancy, chemical addictions, and crime. In Life Without Father, David Popenoe notes that 70 percent of long-term prison inmates grew up in fatherless homes, as did 60 percent of rapists and 72 percent of adolescent murderers. This shows, as a single sex family, the children will tend to run off-track.

Homosexuals claim they are a minority and are pleading the government to give them equal rights. They form groups like the queer nation (McCuen 3) to make it look like they are an oppressed people. This is absolutely ludicrous! Unless they go through what African Americans have been through, homosexuals have no clue as to what oppression is.

Unfortunately, some homosexuals have been the victims of violence because of their lifestyle. I do not condone this, nor do I feel violence is an answer to the homosexual agenda. It is also understandable that they feel threatened by the violence Homosexuals also have no right to special privileges, because according to world-renowned scientists, homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic such as skin color or eye color (Schmidt 225). For example, Thomas Schmidt says We re born man, woman, and sexual beings. We learn our sexual preferences and orientations (Schmidt 203). Also, Dr. R. Kronenmeyer a renowned clinical psychologist states, Homosexuals are not born that way . From my 25 years experience as a clinical psychologist, I firmly believe that homosexuality is a learned response to early painful experiences and that it can be unlearned (Bond 34). The last example is Dr. Judd Marmor, former president of the American Psychiatric Association, her states that No one has ever found a single, replicable genetic, hormonal or chemical difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals (Bond 35).

Since they are not a true minority, and homosexuality is not an immutable character, homosexuals do not deserve special treatment from the government. In a personal point of view, although the homosexual pointed out thousands and thousands of reasons why they should be allowed to get married, however, for the harmony and stability of the society, the homosexual should be accepted and respected but the homosexual marriage should not be legalized since this deprived the rights of the others who dislike homosexuality.


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